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smbios and mac definition? Need clarification please :)

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I searched for for this, but I can't seem find a conclusive answer to my question.


What is the difference when using the system definition "MacPro 3.1" in my smbios.plist in comparison to using other models (e.g. "iMac 11.2"). A lot of information I found indicated, that for example the powermanagement of the graphics card won't get loaded when using "MacPro 3.1" as system definition.


This is somewhat odd, as my graphics card seems to be throttling, when idling on the desktop even so I'm using the MacPro 3.1 definition.


Furthermore the general conclusion seems to be, to choose a mac model close to you own hardware. But if i choose the "iMac 11.2", whitch should resemble my i7 860, speedstepping doesn't seem to work as good as when I choose "MacPro 3.1" as system definition. With the "iMac 11.2" system definition i only get 2 p-states (9x 21x) while the "MacPro 3.1" definition gets 4 p-states (9x 11x 16x 21x).


Could someone shed some light on what the link is between the mac definition in smbios.plist and the usage of os features?

Does choosing the "wrong" mac definition affect e.g. hyperthreading or performance in generell?


Thank you very much for any input.

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Sorry, I edited my signature with my current hardware.

Thanks for the link, but I really would like to know how the system definition in smbios affects the behavior of the os.

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Look at the info.plist in AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext and see for yourself why things get loaded under certain system identifiers and not under others.

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And also look inside IOPlatformFamily.kext/Contens/Plugins

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