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Help Needed with NVidia (Desktop) Hack


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Hi all...


Been starting my rigs since 10.6.3 with a combo of nvenabler.kext and GraphicsEnabler=Yes

Finally decided to take a look at a few hacks and in particular the Graphics hack as more often than not boot falls down on nvEnabler hanging up...




I patched the DSDT with the DTGP method

Patched the PCI0 Device code with device info from IORegistryExplorer

compiled the DSDT (no errors, no warnings)

installed it...

removed the enablers mentioned


all well until the part where the load screen should appear,,,then...monitor going to sleep


bye bye

hard reboot...


tried rebooting then by putting back just GraphicsEnabler=Yes and got a KP based on a bunch of nv controller and kernel errors

put back the nvenabler and rebooted and thats where I'm at currently. My Samsung Mini has refused once again to provide me usb sync so I cannot post the screen just at the moment but ll do in due course.


Working on the Mountain Lion partition and booting to it directly for testing purposes so that the loader is looking at the Extra, dsdt and boot files I am working on...


NB please try and advise rather tnan apply a bunch of hacks and fixes as someone did here previously, almost had to fo a reformat on that occasion! I


Graphics card as specified in the (PCI0) Device code


NVidia GeForce 240 GT DDR3 1Gb

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