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display response times on core2duo imac's

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I'm thinking of buying a new imac (prob 20") but I'm not sure on the spec of the displays they use.

So far I've seen an article about the new 24" imac which seems to suggest it is 6ms.

24" Display at 1920x1200. This display is 1 inch bigger (diagonally) than the 23" Cinema Display, although it runs at the same resolution. Apparently 24-inch displays are cheaper and more widely produced — important as there is going to be a lot of demand for this Mac. Even so, it's very bright (400 cd/m2) and has a 6ms response time.

I'm not sure if the 20" will be the same as the cinema displays which seem to be 14/16ms ?


If only apple did a 20" imac with a 7600gt


omg how did this get posted in the homebrew section :censored2:


soz :poster_oops:

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