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iATKOS L2 Post Install Errors!

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On my laptop I have successfully installed iATKOS L2 from the dvd. Now I just use the chameleon installation thats on the dvd to boot into my mac partition that I installed Lion onto. When I boot with -v it loads all the drivers and then says: Errors encountered pausing 5 seconds. Then after 5 sec. it goes into the black screen and does its thing. After a while it stops at either (each time i boot the error changes): USB Bus Controller Caused an error ......, NTFS Driver Loaded...., or, DSMOS has arrived.

Please help me, I feel that I am so close to getting this working!



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Sounds like none of the above and more like a graphics issue, start there. GraphicsEnabler=Yes and then =No probem with distro is I don't know what options and enablers you may have checked off to install that could cause a problem

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