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sad story..


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Hi Guys!


I need ur help to understand what do i do wrong or why can i get it right?


So, my mac OS X86 from 10.4.3 to 10.4.7 by Jas. I tried to install 3 diffenet kinds of OS X86 on my PC but it doesn't work correctly. I mean, from the beginning I get hanging install. It means for 2-3 seconds during intallation and even after it my PC still hanging and for 1-2 secs it works. And so on, so on,so on... The probs are not only with picture, with sound too.. I tired to load it in virtual mashine but became the crashing sound and mouse probs. when i load 10.4.7 (used AMD patches) it crashes in diffenrent ways: Safari, iTunes... I cann't even check "About this Mac" in Finder. Sad... :D


My Hardware:#


AMD Athlon 64 3800+ Dual Core

ASRock 939-Dual-Sata II on ULi M1695 Chipset

DDRAM 1024 MB Infenion

Nvidia GeForce 7600 GS

LAN Realtek (works)

USB Sound


I upgrade my Old PC just for installing Mac but this damn doesn't work..

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Your Dual Core CPU may be stuttering.


Turn one core off in the bios, if you can, and try to install again.



ok, tnx i fixed it but many apps still crashing.. How can i repair it? For exaple in 10.4.7 still no answer for "about this mac".. Insaller doesnt work and other apps. I'll get just black screen and after 2 seconds got back in OS but with closed apps.. I cannt watch DVDs, etc.. how can i fix it?

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