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Computer Restarts Randomly


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I got a new rig over the weekend, which from everything I've read should support OS X very nicely. So I went about installing 10.4.6, updated to 10.4.7, starting installing iLife and bang it reset.


Thats ok I thought, just a random bug. No no, it *keeps* on restarting, no less than 20 - 30 minutes, unless I'm not doing anything and its fine.


The specs first off:


Asus P5LD2-VM/C Mobo (Intel 945 chipset)

Built in GMA950 GFX

Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 processor

1GB DDR2-5300 RAM


Pioneer DVD -/+ RW


At first I thought it might be the PSU (Coolermaster 340watt). The new mobo requests a 24pin ATX power plug, my existing power supply only had a 20 pin plug. (I got a 20 - 24 pin adapter after confirming my PSU supplied > 15a on the +12v line). So I replaced the PSU today with a Coolermaster 430w, with a 24pin plug.


Still restarting randomly.


I thought it might be the heat sync, so I detached it and reattached it, carefully, making sure it was indeed on properly - it was.


I had determined that it generally happened only under load. So I grabbed another hard disk and installed XP Pro on it. Loaded up some stress testing apps and started testing it.


So far its been running an hour under pretty much 99% load, doing RAM, HDD, CPU, L1, L2 and GFX tests. Not a problem, I'm listening to music at the same time through iTunes.


It appears to be isolated to OS X. Perhaps a kext is borked?


Any suggestions would be much appreciated.





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Nothing logged.


Its a hard restart, so I doubt it has time to write to the logs, and there is nothing erroneous leading up to it.


I can't even re-install OS X now, it craps out shortly after starting the installation, however I sucessfully installed and ran for a while Vista RC1 without any issues.


I'm using Myz 10.4.4_5 DVD (downloading JaS latest atm, and will try that when its done).

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