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AMD SATA Controller

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Hey everybody. I'm having an issue with getting my laptop to run OSX. I have an HP Pavilion G6-1d60us, which has an "AMD SATA Controller." For some reason, no kext that I have tried will allow the hard drive to be seen. I continually get Still Waiting for Root Device when trying to boot the installer from the DVD, and I can only boot OSX if I boot from a USB hard drive. I tried adding things like the IOATAFamily kext, AppleATIATA kext, etc., but none of them allowed me to see the hard drive.


Does anyone know of which kext will fix this issue? Thanks!

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13 hours ago, arshavin69ru said:

Please rephrase your sentence, I have amd sata controller on my lenovo laptop, there are 4 kexts in your zip, which kext do I put the device id in?

Thanks, for showing the way buddy, I used your kexts and a bit of common sense, and finally the amd sata controller is under my control, finally I can install mac on my internal hard disk on my ryzen laptop. I can upload modified kext, if anybody wants.

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