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John Cash

InstallGM2 - a new prototype MtnLion Installer Kit module

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Worked for me, I did need to set permissions (chmod) on the 'install' dir.


I'm on a GA-EP45-UD3R with Cartri BIOS. Currently running without a DSDT, no KPs yet. Currently using a patched 10.7.4 AppleHDA.kext to enable full functionality for the Realtek ALC889a/885 high-definition audio codec. Geforce 9800 GTX fully working (QE/CI) with native resolution. Unable to locate "AppleRTCpatch.txt" so I currently have sleep disabled (CMOS was reset upon reboot after initializing sleep).


You may want to link to your previous post http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=276647 ,

without it this packs instructions (or lack thereof) aren't of much use.


Otherwise nice work John Cash! Keep it up!

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Well, after much work got this :


- I'm using a custom DSDT.


- To make it work with GraphicsEnabler=Yes I need to have PCIRootUID=1 into my plist otherwise black screen or errors.


- I need to do more testing on this but P States and C States seems to produce strange behaviors on boot, so for now I removed them for now. Any clue if this affects under ML the computer ?


- Using Chimera with 64bits Apple Screen {censored}s up everything, so sticking with the one provided.


- Avoiding using ###### too, I've only had problems with it.


Will keep posted on how things goes.


Mobo : GA-x58a-UD5




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The furnished plist already has:




This should be taken care of by the DSDT but that's not always the case. I had to have in the version I published (no DSDT) because my testing it without PciRoot=1 resulted in a black screen.


Pls keep us informed of your progress.

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With the provided plist I was getting black screens, adding <key>PciRoot</key> in my plist and rebooting gives me this error now :


hfs_swap_BTNode : invalide node kind (-81)

hfs: node 1979 fileID=8 volume=Machintosh device=/dev/disk6s2

0 [Level 3] [ReadUID 0] [Facility com.apple.system.fs] [Errtype FS] [MountPt]

hfs: Runtime corruption detected on Machintosh, fsck will be forced on next mount


Like something is corrupting my install... edited again the plist to it's initial stage wich is PCIRootUID=1 in the kernel flags and installation is corrupted again...


Going to install this one more time and see what I can get, otherwise I will have to try the MyHack technique.


Important thing is I haven't installed yet anyting : no extra kexts, no software, anything... this could maybe have something to do with Trim Enabler ? Since I'm installing over a SSD disk.

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Reinstalled :


- First boot, I get bootcache error. (using manualy PCIRootUID=1.

- Second Boot, the hard drive is checked by the system at boot, I get in. Install Trim Enabler.

- Third boot, AppleFSCompression error, and again the error listed in the above post + Validation failed dataSuffix error too... but after some time, I get in the OS. Try to log in and it takes forever.


Going to try the myhack version... this is clearly not working for me :-/


Keep you posted.


Same behavior with MyHack... guess I will have to wait for a better solution... back to Lion until then.

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