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  1. Worked for me, I did need to set permissions (chmod) on the 'install' dir. I'm on a GA-EP45-UD3R with Cartri BIOS. Currently running without a DSDT, no KPs yet. Currently using a patched 10.7.4 AppleHDA.kext to enable full functionality for the Realtek ALC889a/885 high-definition audio codec. Geforce 9800 GTX fully working (QE/CI) with native resolution. Unable to locate "AppleRTCpatch.txt" so I currently have sleep disabled (CMOS was reset upon reboot after initializing sleep). You may want to link to your previous post http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=276647 , without it this packs instructions (or lack thereof) aren't of much use. Otherwise nice work John Cash! Keep it up!
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    No: Leo and Snow Leo use different kernels (drivers written for Leo wont always work in Snow and can lead to Kernel Panics) If you only have 1 HD or 1 Partition your best bet is to make a custom usb flash install using your existing 10.5.x hackintosh (this is probably your best bet) If you have an extra HD or extra Partition you can attempt to install to that (with extra HD this is easy, with Extra partition you need to be aware of the location of your bootloader and Extras etc locations)
  3. I got this KP by using a bad DSDT.aml file in Extras, booted off cd using grub dfe disk i had around, booted back into 10.5.8, replaced with a good DSDT.aml and after a reboot all was well again. after i got back up and running wouldn't you know PC Wiz's notes on PC EFI v10 state: "known issues: boot stalls if DSDT.aml isn’t present."
  4. So I've built this hackintosh box for a friend using a MSI 945gm3-f mobo (has a GMA950 onboard), she received an ATI (powercolor brand I think) x700 pci-x card free from a friend for this project. uphuck 10.4.9 installs just fine, my problem is getting a video driver that will work with the x700 at 1440x900 (grrr, i really wish she hadn't purchased a widescreen LCD). I've been trying to use the Callisto drivers b003-8 with no success thus far. I'm sure I'll probably need to edit the radeon9700 kext and the ati kext but havn't really got that far yet and thought I'd ask for some advise before I began. If i recall correctly the device id is 5e4d. I've been reading up on the x300-800 install guides and none really seem to have a definative solution. So my questions are... how difficult will this be to get working/can it work @ 1440x900? Should i just give up and use the GMA950/ does the GMA950 work at 1440x900 without any/much effort? Thanks in advance!
  5. G3's should be able to run Leopard. requiring firewire for Tiger was an easy way for apple to cut the original trayload iMac and other older hardware out of the Tiger picture. this is easy to get past though. if you remove the hard drive and install Tiger from a "supported" machine once the drive is returned to the "unsupported" machine everything works like a charm. for G3 ibooks this is a bit harder as there are 800 screws between you and your hard drive. no problem, a quick boot into target disk mode should solve this issue. just run the installer from a supported machine with the G3 conncted as an external HD. otherwise you can always give XpostFacto a shot ( http://eshop.macsales.com/OSXCenter/XPostF...XPostFacto.html ). as for how Leopard will run on a G3... i can say firsthand that upgrading to 10.4 from 10.3 even on a 333 iMac the optimization really shows with window responsiveness and overall speed. this is however a preview release. I haven't run a Developers Preview release since OS X DP4 back before 10.0 (that was 3/24/00 for those who remember) since they are typically buggy, un-optimized piles of *@#$. Obviouslly having the 10.4.3 intel DP was an important disc for our old pal m@xuss and this release has the same potential. now that the kernel source is out and open again having this disc may not have the same significance. someone please take away the coffee from this man.