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  1. Possible fix for RX Vega fan speed issue

    Interesting, will make some test later on my side (Vega 64 here).
  2. Inject FB Name For AMD Radeon RX Vega 64

    Yes yes I know, was just curious if you where using exclusively for the frame buffer part and where still using the clover command or just whatever green.
  3. Inject FB Name For AMD Radeon RX Vega 64

    Pavo, so you mean there is no point into doing this ? It’s true that using whatevergreen the name was displayed properly... do you use it in conjunction with the clover command to avoid black screen (which honestly wasn’t affecting me) or not ?
  4. Inject FB Name For AMD Radeon RX Vega 64

    Thanks everyone, with the latest file provided by Pavo now things are displayed properly! And I guess the rest follows... Now lets wait for 10.13.3, maybe it will fix the fans speed, now that the iMacs Pro are on the Apple Stores, might go and try to extract an IOreg to see what's going on under the hood regarding their implementation of the Vega.
  5. Inject FB Name For AMD Radeon RX Vega 64

    Thanks this seems to be working but I get the wrong card listed now, it's the Vega 56 showing up and I have a 64. I tried to open the SSDT with MacIASL but I'm getting this error and can't open it : iASL returned: Loading Acpi table from file iASLgzf324.aml Acpi table [sSDT] successfully installed and loaded Pass 1 parse of [sSDT]
  6. Inject FB Name For AMD Radeon RX Vega 64

    Can you elaborate a little bit more ? What is the relationship between renaming to GFX1 with naming properly the card in the SSDT method ?
  7. Inject FB Name For AMD Radeon RX Vega 64

    Problem is I don't have a windows partition on this machine, Linux possibly ? So I can make a USB stick and boot from it and find out... but I have no clue what tool to use on Linux, any idea ?
  8. Inject FB Name For AMD Radeon RX Vega 64

    Not working for me, but might be due to my setup (Supermicro and dual Xeons), I tried to change the SSDT by myself but I can't get it to work properly or to display properly the name of the card. Will upload later today a IOreg maybe some of you guys will be able to help me. Thanks for the thread and the findings ! EDIT 1: As promised here is attached the IOreg for you guys to check... hope you will find what is going on. Apparently the path to the GFXO for me seems to be _SB / PCI0@0 / HPET / LTRE. Tried to modify that on the SSDT but I keep on getting compiler errors. MacPro.ioreg.zip
  9. Inject FB Name For AMD Radeon RX Vega 64

    Gonna give it a try later this week and I will report back.
  10. This is probably either your USB ports or an AHCI problem. Boot in verbose mode and post a screenshot
  11. Got it sorted out finally... last beta unlocked things up for me. I didn't kept everything on your config.plist because it was causing hangs on the USB part when booting. Everything is vanilla except AICPM which for a reason I ignore wasn't being patched by Clover, I did the manual patch and everything is just fine I'm having scores even higher than on Sierra. Vega is working beautifully I must say, only thing I noticed is the return of the black screen with the latest beta, easily solved with Lilu and Whatevergreen. Now only mystery to solve are the Blackmagic Decklink drivers which once installed hit the machine score pretty bad, was already having that on Sierra... I suspect it's a driver problem, but only response from BMD is "we don't support hackintosh"... we will see. Thank you for all the help and the share files, it surely helped a lot, wasn't that far from it but this last push helped me get things solved.
  12. Ok, tests where made... it seems that the clover patching isn't working properly so I patched AICPM in S/L/E and now the SSDT doesn't produce anymore any KP. Still PM isn't working as it should... I'm getting a GeekBench score 1/3 lower than what I get in Sierra, and when monitoring the CPUs with Activity Monitor, it seem that only half of the cores (16 of 32) are actively working. What do you guys think this could be ? I already tried using VoodooTSync, will try soon to update to latest FakeSMC.
  13. Thank you for the files mate, I had to take some of the things and leave the others out... but I managed to boot the installer, install cleanly on a SSD and I'm currently running it with APFS. What I still have to fix none the less is power management, my previous SSDT is causing kernel panics so I will try to re-generate a new one and see how it goes, thank you already for the help and the shared files, they surely helped a lot. Will report back on PM as soon as I can test it properly.
  14. I tried this but I'm still getting a KP. I don't have a clue how to do the Clover patches, so maybe one of you may help me with that ? I attached my crude DSDT.dsl and Config.plist just in case. Never-mind, it's working now I had an error in the config.plist ! so now I'm not getting any KP due to the CPU anymore... none the less I'm still getting the screen garbled after USB is loaded and waiting for root device. I did place the latest apfs.efi from the installer in Clover. From previous install tries I solved that replacing AppleAHCI kext, any of you had this problem before ? Any help will be greatly appreciated! And thanks for these discoveries. Ark. DSDT & Config.zip
  15. Busy busy, will chime on Skype when I have a sec, probably tomorrow.