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A weird "easter egg" or bug...

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I was messing up with some XCode today and accidentally closed my dock with killall while minimizing Opera at same time... Tried again with holding shift, to make minimizing slower... Worked :D


Open Opera (may work with Safari too), and a terminal. Type "killall Dock", but dont execute the command yet.

Hold down shift and minimize your browser, while its minimizing, execute the command in terminal.

The browser will get stuck like that until you close it, but its fully functionable :D



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It's not a "easter egg" and definitely not a bug, hence you killed a depending process in the middle...


Yea, I know it isn't meant to be used like that :D


I think I read somewhere about a key combination that slows down all the graphical effects in the Finder?


Does anyone know what it is, or did I dream it?


Holding down shift works when minimizing windows.

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