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iCloud: Unrecognized Apple ID or password

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Does anyone able to login to iCloud with 10.7.4 Lion on Intel Atom 330 kernel?

I spend a lot of days compiling dsdts tuning boot and smbios plists.

I have fully working Asus 1201n with sleep/wake, Mac App Store and iTunes.

But iCloud (with FaceTime) is stronger than me.

Here is my final report.


Any advice appreciated.




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You will need to use a revision of Chameleon with the FaceTime fix applied, (v1605+ if I remember correctly) use the latest and you can't go wrong.

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Thanks for reply.

I use

Chameleon: Enoch by ErmaC (r1999) [2012-06-15 09:16:01]


I repost here my last report:


"Unable to sign in because of a problem communicating with iCloud. Try signing again."

It says "Unrecognized Apple ID or password" on ANY login and password, wrong, right it doesn't matter.





I removed eth interfaces and NetworkInterfaces.plist many times and created interfaces any ways.

I tried x64 and x32 mach_kernel_atom in all combinations.

I tried PCIroot=1 and 0

Many dsdts and smbioses plists

Generated many serials for smbios.


NOTHING helps.


MAS works, iTunes works.

I can login to www.icloud.com with Safari.


I reset password to icloud. It didn't help too.


Last hope - patching dsdt.

My current dsdt is from this post.

Kernel for atom taken from here. It made as I wanted to make it.



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Did you have a fake serial injected? Use Champlist and add hardware info to it, things like iMac11,1 and serial.

That fixes my problem.

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