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how to setup a bluetooth network for internet?


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Hi guys,


It might sound stupid but...

Unless there are working drivers for the intel 2200 I'm struggling with BT.


I'm running OSXx86 10.4.5 on a XXODD m570A. (clevo)

Within Windows XP I'm able to setup a BT network which gives me a 700k connection to my Livebox.

This little box has a BT interface which can be used for internet. It even works with my pocketpc.


So far so good. Right now I'm at the point that I've paired it and connected.

But OSX doesn't see a network. And I also can't ping the Livebox.


Searching the forum did not give me any clue.

Is there an addon needed to complete this level?

I've just downloaded 10.4.6. Will this one work better?


Please light my fire

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I'm pretty sure that OSX doesn't have the software to create a network over bluetooth. It can use bluetooth to communicate with phones and pda's and for peripherals like mice and keyboards, but there is no feature in OSX networking for an internet connection.


Home Networking

Here are the facts. Bluetooth has a range of about 30 feet. It also has a maximum throughput of 1.5Mbps. Bluetooth might be good to put in a Webpad to surf the internet, but it's too slow to move good size files between your computers. A typical MP3 file is 3Mb. That would take about 20 seconds or so to move between two bluetooth devices. In contrast, 802.11b could have moved 5-7 of those files in that time.



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