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OSX Hangs On Start-up, Then Sound Driver Crashes (But Only Sometimes)


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I have a strange problem with my hackintosh that I can't seem to find a solultion to.


At start-up, right after showing the desktop, OSX freezes for about a minute. While this is happening, the sound-icon in the menu-bar is black (muted) and nearly all applications are unresponsive (will not open), except for a few applications such as Opera.


Then after about a minute, the rest of the start-up applications will open. Now one of two things happen:

1) The sound-icon is grayed out and sound is not worked, except for VLC(!), which for some reason is still able to play sound... Going to the settings-pane in OSX for audio will show all the audio outputs, but I cannot adjust the volume.

2) The sound-icon returns to normal and everything is working.


The problem happens about 50% of the time, seemingly at random. I can boot the machine with exactly the same settings, devices connect, etc., and nothing seems to have an effect on whether the sound will work or not.


I have tried to use some different kexts for the audio-driver, but this doesn't seem to have an effect either.


The problem is probably not hardware related either, since when I boot up Windows 7, I never have any problems with the sound.


This may or may not be related, but I started having these problems soon after installing Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection CS6.


There are some really strange things going on here, and this problem is driving me crazy, so any help will be very much appreciated.

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