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  1. I have a strange problem with my hackintosh that I can't seem to find a solultion to. At start-up, right after showing the desktop, OSX freezes for about a minute. While this is happening, the sound-icon in the menu-bar is black (muted) and nearly all applications are unresponsive (will not open), except for a few applications such as Opera. Then after about a minute, the rest of the start-up applications will open. Now one of two things happen: 1) The sound-icon is grayed out and sound is not worked, except for VLC(!), which for some reason is still able to play sound... Going to the settings-pane in OSX for audio will show all the audio outputs, but I cannot adjust the volume. 2) The sound-icon returns to normal and everything is working. The problem happens about 50% of the time, seemingly at random. I can boot the machine with exactly the same settings, devices connect, etc., and nothing seems to have an effect on whether the sound will work or not. I have tried to use some different kexts for the audio-driver, but this doesn't seem to have an effect either. The problem is probably not hardware related either, since when I boot up Windows 7, I never have any problems with the sound. This may or may not be related, but I started having these problems soon after installing Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection CS6. There are some really strange things going on here, and this problem is driving me crazy, so any help will be very much appreciated.
  2. Suddenly Started Getting "boot0: done" Hang

    I created an Ubuntu Live USB which I booted into. I could see my HDD in devices, but not my Windows partition and Mac Partition from my SSD. From windows, my mac partition appears unformatted. I tried HFS Explorer as well, but I just got a message about no HFS+ partitions detected.
  3. Suddenly Started Getting "boot0: done" Hang

    Thanks for the tip. I downloaded Gparted Live CD and burned it to a disk. I was able to boot into Gparted, where I likely will be able to reformat the disk. However, I have a few files on my mac system drive that I really need (and I have no backup, ouch!). Any tip on how to backup those files? Update: I was able to recover most of the files using R-Studio and PhotoRec. R-Studio recovered the files with files names and the name of the folder they were contained in. Photorec was able to recover more files, but all the files have random names. I really don't understand how this partition could be so messed up. Neither of the solutions I mentioned are ideal. Anyone got a better solution?
  4. My hackintosh dual-boot system has been running smoothly now for about a year. However, yesterday when I booted up Windows 7, Chkdsk started running checking all my disks for errors. I got a message telling me that it had found some errors and fixed them . Windows continued to boot without problems afterwards. Today when I turned on my hackintosh, it froze after the following message: Verifying DMI Pool Data ............. boot0: test boot0: done Then nothing happens. So my best guess is that Chkdsk somehow messed up my Chameleon bootloader. I then tried booting from a USB-drive with Kakewalk installed (Lion), but then it just hangs at a black screen with a blinking marker. I tried the same USB-drive with my hackintoshed Acer 5920G laptop, and it booted without problems. However, if I use the Windows 7 installation disk, I'm able to boot into the installation without any problems, which leads me to think that it's probably not hardware related. Lion and Win7 is installed on the same GUID-partitioned 128GB SSD. How can I make my hackintosh boot again? Any help is much appreciated Update: I was able to reinstall Windows 7 and boot, but no luck getting Chameleon working again.
  5. iAtkos L1 is Out

    I have the same problem as you. I already have OSX 10.6.2 installed long ago using iAtkos. Everything works, except ethernet and wifi. The only problem is that it sometimes fails to boot (get stuck on the white screen with the Apple logo). I've tried installing Lion using iAtkos L2, but get stuck after [PCI Configuration end]. My goal is to get at least 10.6.6 working.