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10.7 + Heavy Sound editing/video editing/graphic editing


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Hello everyone! Man this place has changed!


I am currently in need of installing 10.7 Lion (or whatever the latest one is) on my computer.



Intel Quad Core Q8300 Yorkfield @ 2 GHz

ASUS P5G41T-M Mobo (G41 Chipset + 82801GB Southbridge)

8 GB DDR3 Memory (2x4096MB)

nVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti (@ 1GB)


I do a lot of sound editing, mixing, video editing and heavy graphics work. That is my part time career and I actually quite enjoy it. If anyone here has several mixing boards and mics will know how garbage Windows 7 is in terms of releasing drivers to let other programs use it.


In that case, all USB ports, microphone line-in (although I never actually use that) + all the other good stuff must be functional.


I also have dual displays (exact same monitors if that helps, => Dell 2007FPS each at 1600x1200 Resolution). The GPU must work with QE/CI. I'm 99% sure it will though.


I have an ethernet connection. Also I've heard sometimes your CPU will overheat w/ versions of Hackintosh...


Sleep/Resume feature isn't needed but it'd be nice to have it. I've installed a version of Hackintosh before, a long time ago though (a year or two?). So I do know all the fun we have with .kexts.


I don't know how to proceed :S. Hoping someone might lend me a hand? Or a how-to guide. I have a few weeks before I'm back at it. No rush though. I'd rather get all my stuff together first and then do it. Running Windows 7 64 Bit (probably already know that).




Edit: Also if it is any matter, I have 1 Main 150 GB HD + 2x1TB Hardrives. I also have a USB 2.0 HUB + Media Card Reader attached. BIOS is the latest version.

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Well first off I sugest putting OSX on to a separate HDD than windows.

I use mine formatted as GUID.


The first thing you'll need to do is pick of a copy of OSX 10.7... or download one... or Disktro but thats stealing :P.

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Avoid distros if at all possible. When something breaks it's a nightmare to fix it because unless you are experienced you can never tell what's patched and what's not. Another thing worth considering is that pre-hacked install DVDs will have some Chameleon configuration settings and patches in effect in order to work on as wide a range of hardware as possible, as you can imagine on more compatible hardware these tend to work against you and hold back performance.


Use retail, App-store bought Lion installer restored to an 8GB USB flash drive, with Chameleon installed on it (so it will boot on a PC).

There's a standard recipe for that, all the guides are more or less identical. Google, read some, try to get a grasp on the main elements that the guides have in common, then mix and match to your liking.

As an absolute minimum, you need fakesmc.kext in /Extra/Extensions.


On my Asus P5Q-E (ICH10R/P45E/Core 2 Duo) I can boot and install Lion like that with only fakesmc.kext. Of course I still need to patch sound and ethernet and make some adjustments here and there but my point here is that Chameleon 2.1 does a lot of things for you now that we used to need patched kernel extensions for.


You need a working Hackintosh (or access to a Mac) to do this though. You can use any old and crusty Snow Leopard or Leopard* distro DVD to prepare the flash drive installer, as long as you have the Lion installer.app from the App Store on an accessible file system. As long as it can boot on your PC you'll be fine, it doesn't have to be fully working, you'll be using mostly Disk Utility and Terminal.app. I think that's what most people do.


You should be able to get native power management working on the hardware you listed, CPU overheating should not be a problem.


*There is no support for Geforce 5xx cards in 10.6 and 10.5, you must work in VESA framebuffer mode - boot with GraphicsEnabler=n (ie, no video card injection method can be active) otherwise you'll get no video as the nvidia drivers try to load and subsequently fail because they don't know your video card. It'll work fine once you have installed Lion.

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That's great, that makes it a lot easier to tweak the Chameleon configuration on the flash drive until it works on your PC.


Be very very careful and *pay attention to what you're doing* when installing Chameleon to the flash drive, make sure that you don't accidentally install it to the hard drive on the Mac because it won't be easy to undo.


fakesmc is an smc emulator, originally written by Hackintosh guru Netkas: http://netkas.org/

Current development is ongoing here: http://www.insanelym...howtopic=275429

And here: http://www.projectos...p?showforum=165

A handful of central system files on OS X are AES encrypted - see this blog article by OS X guru Amit Singh:


Back in the day we used to use somedecrypter.kext when running OS X on a PC, with fakesmc this is not necessary anymore.

Fakesmc also has support for an increasing range of hardware monitor ICs, via software plugins.

Tip: Know your hardware - don't install plugins for hardware that you don't have!


Here, have a Hackintosh history lesson from grand master David F. Elliott - follow the links at the bottom as well and read it all:


Some of that (both files and information) is obsolete by now but dfe's work and ideas are the foundation for what we do.

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