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How can I find out what custom settings to put in?

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I will be attempting to dual boot Lion (iAtkos L2) and Windows 7 when I get home in about a week. How do I find out what custom settings I need to put in before I get to the desktop?

My setup:


8GB ram

Core i5 2500K


Thanks guys much appreciated!

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Please give more hardware info, such as what your graphics card is. For sound, use Drivers>Main Hardware>Sound>AppleHDA>ALC8xx and Drivers>Main Hardware>Sound>AppleHDA>HDA Enablers>ALC 889. For your Ateros LAN card, use this: http://www.osx86.net/view/1085-atheros_ar8151.html

Thank you for your reply! I'm not with my pc at the moment so I can't get any other information, I am using integrated graphics though.

Also, for internet should I use a Netgear WG111v2 wireless adapter or Netgear WPN311 card? I have both

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Hy xllcoreyxll, can you say me what are you take (OS and other) and do to fonctionnal install please (french speaker, excuse my english).

Thx before


My config : same motherboard, I3-3240, 8Go DDR3 and NVIDIA GT640 (I can unppleg to work)

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