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  1. Getting full resolution

    Yeah but do you know if I can get full res with a VGA cable? Or I need DVI?
  2. Getting full resolution

    I am planning on installing Mountain Lion when it comes out, to get full resolution do I need a DVI cable from my PC to monitor? My specs are below, thanks. _________________ Specs: Gigabyte H61M-USB3-B3 Intel Core i5-2500K HD3000 graphics 8GB G.Skill Ram 2TB Seagate Hard drive
  3. A couple of questions :)

    DSMOS has arrived is my problem guys. Here is a link to my other topic which has a picture of me booting Verbose - http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=280273&hl=&fromsearch=1 Please check it out, im about to give up on Hackintosh. Thanks
  4. A couple of questions :)

    So Should I make one small Journalled partition for OS X (say 20gb), one small MsDos Fat partition for Windows then the rest ExFAT? Can ExFAT be used on both Windows 7 and OS X? Sorry im such a noob!
  5. Lion installed, wont boot.

    Update: I booted dvd in with -x and it worked, then the spinner wont stop spinning when rebooted.
  6. Lion installed, wont boot.

    I booted with -v and posted a picture in the main section where I asked the question is it not showing up?
  7. Lion installed, wont boot.

    Hi, sorry can you please explain that again?
  8. Lion installed, wont boot.

    I booted -v -f and dvd in the drive and it worked! Installed DSDT and ###### settings, rebooted and now its giving me a Kernal Panic on the Apple logo spinner
  9. Lion installed, wont boot.

    Hi everyone I am new to Hackintosh and started installation today. I set my BIOS correctly and booted from an iAtkos L2 dvd. I partitioned my 2TB hard drive and it installed perfectly. Then when it rebooted it got stuck at the Apple Logo with the spinner, the spinner is getting stuck. I can hear the set up music in the background but the picture on my screen is the Apple Logo with a stuck spinner. My specs: Gigabyte H61m-usb3-b3 Core i5 2500K (HD3000 graphics) 8GB Ram 2TB hard drive Here is a picture of what happens when booted with -v. I can still hear the set up music when booted in -v. I would really appreciate if someone can give me a solution, thanks.
  10. A couple of questions :)

    I booted into iAtkos L2 and partitioned my 2TB hdd into 2 1TB partitions and installed it. When it came time to restart I restarted it now it gets to the Apple logo with the spinner and gets stuck. Any ideas anyone? I didnt enable any kexts and I set my BIOS correctly. Please help. Thanks After installing the kext for my sound card I can hear the setup music but it still shows an Apple Logo with stuck spinner. Should I post a picture of booting in -v?
  11. A couple of questions :)

    Hey! I have a compatible build with a 2TB hard drive with Windows 7 installed, plus a spare 149gb hard drive. I want to install Hackintosh (iAtkos L2) on the 149GB hard drive. If I install it on this 149GB drive will I only have 149GB of space for my Mac? Can I access all the files from my 2TB hard drive if I install Os x on the 149gb? Thanks.
  12. How can I find out what custom settings to put in?

    Thank you for your reply! I'm not with my pc at the moment so I can't get any other information, I am using integrated graphics though. Also, for internet should I use a Netgear WG111v2 wireless adapter or Netgear WPN311 card? I have both
  13. I will be attempting to dual boot Lion (iAtkos L2) and Windows 7 when I get home in about a week. How do I find out what custom settings I need to put in before I get to the desktop? My setup: H61m-USB3-b3 8GB ram Core i5 2500K Thanks guys much appreciated!
  14. Is my build compatible?

    Thank you
  15. Is my build compatible?

    Thanks!!! Oh and can you please link me to a good guide for dual booting Windows 7 and OS X that will work with my system? Sorry for all the questions