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Create bootable USB from bootable L2 DVD - without installing Lion

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I have iAtkos L2 dvd perfectly made to boot.

However due to some weird media limitation - I fail to get past entire installation - it freezes at random points.

(Most of the time, I get past disk utility. Also tried to remove all customizations except fakesmc and chameleon.)


Now I suspect it is my dvd drive which is incapable of carrying it through, and I want to give my usb drive a try.

However I don't have mac installed anywhere so don't know how to create bootable usb?


Can I use my bootable dvd to create bootable usb using my target machine?

[Note that this target machine is totally formatted with mac os journeled, but it has not gone past that ie installation freezes when 8 minutes are pending]


If anyone knows how to create this usb, or even knows how to get rid of this freeze, will be great help, I am stuck with this since > 1 week and no progress.


thanks for reading!


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What kind of freezing? being as detailed as possible helps a lot more when trying to figure out whats wrong..

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What kind of freezing?


After I quit customize screen, I press Install.

At this point or anytime after this, I get to see that mouse can't move, there is no HDD/DVD light blinking, neither the keyboard works.

Even if I leave my PC for an hour, nothing happens.


Freeze happens irrespective of customize options I choose (removed all except fakesmc), irrespective of dvd format I chose (img, dmg, expanded dmg)

I am not able to get past '8 minutes remaining' - and till then it installs about 1.6 GB content on the formatted partition.


And yes, my config is dell vostro 1500:

Intel Core 2 duo, Integrated Intel 965 graphics, ms keyboard and synaptic mouse.

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