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Weird behaviour

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I'm having a weird problem, my system has been running fine for months last is until now. Last week I noticed the system running slower than normal but thought nothing of it. Last weekend I started downloading some picture and the software would freeze after 5 or so pictures and i would have force quit the program and relaunch, 5 more force quit so on and so on. Last night I tried launching firefox and it would just freeze and have to wait several minutes to even allow me to force quit it. I check the activity monitor and didn't notice any hogging the system. Now today I tried logging in and it won't. I enter my password hit enter says logging in screen goes blue for a moment then back to the login screen.


I have a guest account and I'm using that and there seems to be no problems as of yet. The only idea I have is it might be a computer virus. I know its unlikely but thats my only thought. I do have iantivirus installed don't know how much protection that provides.


Any suggest on what can be causing this or how to get back into my account?



gigabyte ep3-udp

geforce 8400gt

intel quad core

4Gb ram


Update: rebuilt launch services and now able to get back into my admin account but programs are still crashing.

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