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ok so i followed this guideon my current pc with the exact same bootcd and chameleon thing as on this page (used the links provided)


msi 870a fuzion with amd 770 chipset

msi hd6950 2gb

evga 9800gt 1gb and all SATA HDD and all SATA DVD drives


i can install the OSX 10.6.3 and can also boot it the first time with the dvd provided but after i install chameleon and restart i get this error


boot0: GPT

boot0: test

boot0: test

boot0: error


now i followed all the instruction for the chameleon so i must be doing the restarting wrong


when i restarst from the apple icon on top right it says restarting in 60sec but i click restarting anyways and


after a couple of secon a black screen with white letter says "unmounting done: you can reboot the system"

so since nothing happen after that i basically turn off the pc (shut down manually) and start it back up again



so am i doing this wrong or what (one of the other reasons i do this is becasue the guide says to take out the modcd once chameleon is installed, but i can eject my cd drive during the black screen so i do this


should i wait a bit longer during the black screen or is it some other problem



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so once i resinstall the mac i should install chemelon wizard and ####### and see if it work and if i get the error than follow the procedure above


and where would idownload the chemeleon standalone installer


sorry i am new to this but will try later once i get homw from work

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You don't need to re-install. Just use the boot disk.


Once booted into OS X install Chameleon Wizard. You can download and install chameleon through chameleon wizard.


I would suggest you apply your kexts/patches manually rather than relying on a piece of software downloaded from some commercial OS X 86 website.

A great place to find kexts is osx86.net.


After installing, removing or modifying any kexts make sure you run kext utility or similar.

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