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installation doesn't start


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Hi!I'm italian,so i apologize for the bad english...

Somebody can help me?I can't install osx on my laptop...

when the installation "starts"(it doesn't start really) that is what appears on the monitor:


Darwin/x86 boot v5.0.132

221mb memory

vesa v3.0 32 mb (SiS)

press any key to install Mac Os X,or press f8 to enter startup options


well,if i press any key to launch the installation... appears the apple logo and after 2 seconds a message that says to restart my computer.


I controlled my pc's configuration on the wiki of osx86project and it seems to be ok.

what's the matter?

this is the configuration:


256 mb ram

SiS m650 chipset



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He's still trying to boot the installation DVD.

exact!the installation doesn't stars and i don't know why...

uhm... perhaps it's important that the hard disk is formatted?i'm not trying to install on a partition but on the complete disk.i tryed before with the fat32 format(nothing) and now with the ntfs format but it's always the same...

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when you get teh "press F8 or Enter" message... press F8 then type "-v cpus=1 platform=x86pc" and then press Enter. This time when it crashes at least you'll have an error you can read, if you still dont know what to do about this error post it here (take a picture with a camera if you can, or just type it up if its short enough).



here is a possible solution if you can't get it to boot:


1. Boot linux livecd and use cfdisk to create an AF partition

2. Boot back to windows.

3. start vmware with your dvd drive (put osx disk there) mounted as the cd drive, and a 7gb virtual image (preallocated) as your hard drive. install osx to that image.

4. kill that virtual machine. create a new one. this time mount your dvd drive as cd-rom (put your linux cd there), your virtual image to which you just installed osx to as hda 0:0, and your actual hard drive as hda 0:1. boot it up (make sure it boots linux from the cd).

5. open up terminal and type "sudo dd if=/dev/hda1 of=/dev/hdb1 bs=k4" and wait...shoudl take about 20 or 30 minutes.


note: the part about /dev/hda1 and /dev/hdb1 will depend on which drive is which. if you mounted macos as 0:0 then it should be hda, and if you mounted your hard drive as 0:1 then its hdb, if you did it the other way, then its the other way.


that is sorta a round-about way of installing but it really takes care of any problems you are having with the native install method. after you're done you of course need to install a bootloader, if you already have linux installed just use grub, if you only have windows, then use the chain0 method or install acronis disk director..

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i've done what you said and this is what the machine showed


yes,i know about the vmware installation mode.but i can't try this now because the disk is empty...

well... if with another version of osx i'll have the same troubles i'll try the way you tell...

this is the semi-native installation,it isn't?i heard the osx will work slowly with this installation mode...


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