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A Small Problem

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Hello everyone!


I have succesfully installed Mac OS X Leopard on VWware workstation 8.

But I have only one very irritation problem.

I have no internet connection.

I thought, that I haven't installed ALL Network Drivers, so I installed everything again, with all network drives.

Now, in the welcome screen, I get the message: how are you connected to the internet?

Which option shall I choose?

I have a wireless network adapter. ( Sweex connected home )


Thank you everyone for your help!

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Hi...first question, do you have an ethernet port that works? If so, I'd use that to get on the internet first. As far as getting wireless adapters working on a Hackintosh, this can be one of the most frustrating aspects of living with a Hackintosh. I have a TP-Link 851 (atheros 922x) wifi card. Can make it work easily with 10.6 with the Atheros21.kext but can't seem to get it working with 10.5...


If you can, please post specifics about your adapter (chipset, device ID, is it PCI or USB...)

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It doesn't matter what hardware he has, he's using a virtual machine.


Virtual machines don't care how the host connects to the internet.

Like bit torrent apps, or online games for example - they don't care what hardware you have either. It's the same thing.


The virtual machine software sees the host's internet connection, no matter what type it is, and lets you configure how you want to share it with the guest OS.


He needs a driver for the emulated hardware in the virtual machine, not his real hardware. It should be easy to find, because it's the exact same driver that everybody else uses when they run OS X on VMWare Workstation 8.

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