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Kernel Panic on Toshiba after network driver install

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Okay, so.


I have an old Toshiba Satellite A205-S7464 with a busted-up screen. So I thought, why not make it a desktop machine and remove the lid? So, I find the iAtkos s3v2 disc running 10.6.3 and install it to the same specifications used for the S5000 series, as there are more or less the same machine.


Everything, aside from wi-fi, works pretty much standard. Graphics are good, it can sleep, it boots without a bunch of to-do. I expected the wi-fi to not work, but I did not expect to run into the following problem.


First I tried to install PDANet, an Android-based client that allows for free USB tethering. As the drivers for PDANet are installing, Network Preferences notices my phone, so I'm think that all has gone smoothly. But then I restart, as required, and the machine goes into Kernel Panic and ceases to work. So, I end up reinstalling.


Then I go out to Best Buy and buy a Belkin N300 adapter, known for having 3rd party driver support for OSX. I first test it out on my Hackintosh Netbook (Dell Mini 10v), and I get the adapter working without any sort of fuss. Now I'm feeling pretty confident, so I try to install it on the Toshiba. The drivers install, and again, NP bounces up and notices I have a new connection. I restart and BOOM. Instant kernel panic.


I'm confused as to why this is happening. Both PDANet and the Belkin (Realtek) driver packages use an installation wizard, though the only step I can remember off hand is "Updating registered components" or something to that effect, and this step also takes the longest.


So, I need a little help. I have some theories, but I'm not a hardware brainiac, and I'm far better with software.


Are these driver wizard overwriting something essential to the iAtkos boot?


Or perhaps are these drivers conflicting with the useless internal chip that OSX can't recognize anyway?



I know that there was somebody else who had this issue, but the thread didn't go anywhere. This is standing in the way of an otherwise extremely capable Hackintosh, and I want to get it all fix up soon.


So, is there a possible fix to this? If not, are there any other distros/methods that would possible work better with my machine?

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