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Lion on Sony Vaio VPCEB4J1E - ATI HD 5470 internal Display SNY05FA not working


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Hello Folks,


after trying "hundreds" of hours to install OS-X Lion on Sony VAIO VPCEB4J1E, I'd like to let you know my experiences about this piece of sh.. notebook.


The following Hardware is working without any problems:

  • Keyboard & Trackpad (1448-PS2-Synaptics-Keyboard-32+64)
  • Sound and internal Speakers (VoodooHDA
  • Motion Eye Camera (Out of the box)
  • Bluetooth (Out of the Box)

I did the following steps installing Lion 10.7.2 and got it "working":

  • Make bootable USB-Stick with iAtkos L2
  • Replace "AppleACPIPlattform.kext" and "IOPCIFamily.kext" on Boot-Stick with this Versions of "PCI Configuration Begin Fix"
  • Boot from Stick with this Flags to install: USBBusFix=Yes "Graphic Mode"="1024x768x32" -v
  • Use USB-Mouse & -Keyboard to install Lion
  • After completed installation boot your Lion with connected VGA-Display (connected to VGA-Port) to get output on the internal Display
  • Use the 1448-PS2-Synaptics-Keyboard-32+64 Kext to get Keyboard and Trackpad working
  • Install VoodooHDA with ###### to enable Sound

Now the System is booting, but the internal Display is only working well with a connected Display at the VGA-Port (QE/CI doing fine).

Disconnecting the external Display and rebooting the System will get a black internal Screen. The system is stable in background but you can reach it via "vnc-access" on a second Mac.


I tried to change EDID, different KEXTs, some DSDT-Files from other VAIOs, nearly every Tipps & Tricks I found in Google. - But nothing helped.


Now I decided to give up, about 40 hours of trying and searching are enough. If anyone outthere has a solution to get the internal Display working with QE/CI I'd be glad to read about it here.


I got the following informations about the hardware while trying:

  • Graphic-Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 (80 SM5.0 750MHz, 512 MB DDR3 1.58GHz 64-bit, PCI 2.00 x16)
  • Display: SNY05FA - ProductID = 5FA - ManufacturerID = 55629 (0xD94D) - 1366x768 Pixel with 32Bit Colors

I tried the following EDID while trying (I think the first is the right one):

  • 00FFFFFFFFFFFF004DD9FA05000000000413010380221378F2CE50A3574C99260F505400000001010101010101010101010101010101B81A566150000C301020240054BE1000000090165664500014301021360054BE1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000B9
  • 00FFFFFFFFFFFF004DD9FA05000000002D0C0104901F1100EAA8E099574B92251C505400000001010101010101010101010101010101201C56AE50000C303A3A440035AE10000018000000FC004E76696469612044656661756C000000FC007420466C61742050616E656C00000000FD00003D1D2F0800002020202020000003

I got the first EDID from searching on the installed Windows 7 Version, the second one was found in Google.


Perhaps this information will help one or the other of you guys. If you can get this fu....g netbook work with internal display, please let me know!


Thanx to all and many Greetings from Germany!

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