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Hanging on grey screen on HP NC6220 after upgrading to 10.6.7

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Managed to install 10.6.3 Iatkos S3 v2 successfully on the NC6220 using the 10.3.0 legacy kernel.


Attempted to upgrade to 10.6.7 and backed up the legacy kernel and restored it right before rebooting. Rebooting went fine until right before it'd normally boot into Snow Leopard's desktop....except it ends at a grey screen which hangs.


Is there anything I should check for....especially regarding this notebook as every other entry I found here is pertaining to Leopard...not Snow Leopard.



Thank you for any help you can provide.



Tech specs on notebook are:


Intel 915 Video

2 GB DDR2-533 RAM


Pentium M 1.73 Ghz

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Thank you. For some odd reason, I was able to use the old kernel when I did the 10.6.7 upgrade on my Optiplex GX280. Only did the nawcom upgrade when I did the final upgrade to 10.6.8.


Works fine now except I need to figure out why it crashes when I plug my Ipod or a USB hard drive in. :D

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