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  1. Thank you. For some odd reason, I was able to use the old kernel when I did the 10.6.7 upgrade on my Optiplex GX280. Only did the nawcom upgrade when I did the final upgrade to 10.6.8. Works fine now except I need to figure out why it crashes when I plug my Ipod or a USB hard drive in.
  2. Managed to install 10.6.3 Iatkos S3 v2 successfully on the NC6220 using the 10.3.0 legacy kernel. Attempted to upgrade to 10.6.7 and backed up the legacy kernel and restored it right before rebooting. Rebooting went fine until right before it'd normally boot into Snow Leopard's desktop....except it ends at a grey screen which hangs. Is there anything I should check for....especially regarding this notebook as every other entry I found here is pertaining to Leopard...not Snow Leopard. Thank you for any help you can provide. Tech specs on notebook are: Intel 915 Video 2 GB DDR2-533 RAM 80 GB HDD Pentium M 1.73 Ghz
  3. Snow Leopard Distros

    Out of curiosity, anyone planning to work on distros which will work with sse2 only machines?
  4. Hey eddie11c, Thanks for working on the non-efi version. If you need a tester, I am ready to oblige.
  5. Leo4allv3 finished and released

    Hello eddie11c, My answers to your question is above. Are there any things I should check/change to improve my chances of booting past the bootloader/when the system extensions are loaded?
  6. Leo4allv3 finished and released

    On the Dimension 4600, reboots after the extensions and right when the bootloader(s) are being loaded. I have tried enabling S1 or S3 in the BIOS settings and it makes no difference. On my ASUS P4B based Desktop whose details are in my signature, it reboots right after the extensions....does not even get to the bootloader.
  7. Leo4allv3 finished and released

    Hello eddie11c, Just burned, MD5ed the image, and attempted to boot the Leo4allv3 DVD. After the installation's text scrolls through about three quarters of the screen, the installation reboots back to the bios...well before it reaches the initial Leopard installation dialog box. I tried to catch the text...only was able to catch the "TOH" something right before it reboots back to bios. Machine is a Dell Dimension 4600 with the latest A12 BIOS, a P4 2.8 Ghz HT processor, 512 MB of DDR400 RAM, 80 GB Seagate IDE HDD, and IDE based LITE-ON DVD-ROM and Sony CD-RW drives. What do you think are possible things I could check for to possibly fix this issue? I've had the same issues with Kalyway's 10.5.1 and 10.5.2 installations. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  8. Leo4allv3 finished and released

    Would this work on Pentium 4 systems like the Dimension 4600 or older Northwood P4 based systems without the install DVD booting back into the bios before it reaches the first Leopard installation dialog box?
  9. The first Mac you ever used.

    First one I used was probably a Macintosh XL around 1986 in elementary school. First one I actually did serious work on was a Centris 650 when I was learning C++. First one I actually owned was a Powermac 7100 and a Beige G3...both abandoned by neighbors.
  10. Out of curiosity, do you still have a Dimm slot free or are all your RAM slots filled? If you can get some PC100/133 RAM for real cheap/free.....see if you can increase it. 233 Mhz G3 machines aren't bad at all for basic office, internet, itunes, etc as I have a bunch of Beige G3s running Tiger and OS9 through xpostfacto and they all run swimmingly... I also recently rescued an Indigo Imac from the trash and after replacing the enclosed 192 MB RAM with 512 MB I got from a giveaway, it is running Tiger like a champ and is good for basic office , itunes, and internet apps. I would also try out some distributions of PPC linux.....though I wish someone would update the flash software so I could use PPC ubuntu to browse youtube and other flash driven sites without issues.
  11. Yes, I have. On my system, I installed ToH 10.5, downloaded and installed the 10.5.1 update using pre- and post-updater scripts, and updated that to 10.5.2 using Kalyway's combo update and by replacing the 9.0.0 mach_kernel with netkas' 9.2.0 mach_kernel. So far, works like a champ!
  12. why did you make a hackintosh?

    When my aunt received an Imac for Christmas, she wanted to toss out the old P4 1.8 Ghz desktop from 2002 until I offered to take it off her hands. After tossing in 1 Gig of PC133 RAM I had gotten for practically nothing and two weeks of fiddling around with it and consulting this site....managed to get OSX 10.5.1 installed on it successfully through TOH's 10.5 install. When Kalyway's 10.5.2 updater and netkas' 9.2.0 sse2/3 kernel became available...updated that box to 10.5.2 with Darwin 9.2.0. Other than not being able to play DVDs due to the crappy video card (ATI Rage Fury/xpert 2000 Pro)...everything else works including sound. Not bad for a machine that was almost trashed.
  13. Leopard broke my superdrive!

    Oddly enough, the superdrive on my mother's MBP started to act wonky about a year after purchase in 2006. Fortunately, I purchased it for her with the Applecare extended warranty with my AMEX card which adds another year on top. The drive started to stop recognizing, much less burning CD-Rs...but was still burning DVDs swimmingly for another 6 months until verification failures and burn failures started occurring. Brought it in to one of the "Geniuses" at the Genius Bar and he found the drive was screwed up as well and had it send in for drive replacement. Since the notebook was repaired a week ago, the new drive has burned 10 DVDs and 3 CD-Rs without any mishaps.