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iATKOS L2 Install doesn't boot!


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Hey Guys:)


I really want to install Mac OSX Lion on my Acer Aspire 7750G but it doenst work,on several ways..

This are my tries & workouts:


-----With iATKOS L2


--From USB: Boot Installer, installed correctly but doesnt boot into Lion,NOW it doenst boot into the installer either! (Boot0:Error)

(And now, my Transmac says: "Error writing to Mac Disk)


--From DVD:Boot starts,Chameleon appears, but after Chameleon nothing happens,it hangs at Chameoleon,if I press f8 or another key: it hangs!

I burned it several times,it doenst came out of Chameleon!


------With Snow Leopard Hazard:


---Boot,but got an Kernel Panic -.-



EDIT: I installed IAtkos L2 on Virtual Box (Win7) but from there i dont get to my iAtkos.dmg to restore it to an USB


So,WHAT can i do to make the INSTALLER boot and work :(? i tried it since 2weeks now..


Greetings from Germany,my English isnt good :D

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Had that problem week ago.

What did you burn it whit?

IT HAS TO BE DISK UTILITY! Here's a tutorial on that,if you can burn it that way it will work 1000000%

Other then that if you don't have any mac and can't get it in any way you will have to change the dmg file to some img.

But it won't 100% work. Good luck! :wink2:

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dmg2img - http://vu1tur.eu.org/tools/ - convert the DMG to a burnable IMG file.


UltraISO, PowerISO, MagicISO - all 3 can burn DMG's to DVD


In VirtualBox, you can use a real hard drive in place of the virtual hard drive. So, in theory, you should be able to boot the iAtkos dmg in VirtualBox and then install it to a hard drive. Special instructions are required:



VMWare can do a similar function even more easily.

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