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  1. I installed mac on my Asus a couple hunder times so I decided to make a tutorial. What you are going to need for installation : -iAtkos ML2 -USB if you want to download all the files on to it so you are good to go. -Bootloader --CHECK THE VIDEO-- Installation : 1.Begin as booting from your bootable DVD or USB iAtkos ML2 2.Press F8,type -v and press enter. If you get errors post them here I will be glad to help. 3.Once booted inside the installer open Disk Utility by going to Utilities -> Disk Utility. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ IF YOU ARE INSTALLING MAC OS ON YOUR WHOLE HARD DRIVE -select your HDD -go to Partition tab -select 1 partition -in Options select GUID Partiton Table -select Mac Os Extended (Journaled) -name it -click Apply IF YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE MULTIPLE PARTITIONS/DUAL BOOT -select your partiton -go to Erase tab -select Mac Os Extended (Journaled) -name it -Erase ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 4.Close Disk Utility 5.Press continue,select your partition / HDD and click customize. 6.Leave everything as it is and only select PS/2 and Laptop Battery under Driver->Main Hardware and you're good to go. 7.Click OK then click Install. 8.Let it install and reboot itself. 9.Depending if you installed it on your whole HDD or just a partition you might or might not be able to boot from your hard drive,however I always like to boot from the DVD because it lets you select partitions and boot options. 10.Boot from DVD again,select Mac Os X(or what ever you named it) this time and type -v,press enter. 11.Once its boots fill in all your information and go through all of that... 12.Now you are in your Mac Os,good job! Next it's tme to install all the drivers and such. Right out of the box you will see that your wifi works and so does your USB,like I showed in the video. 13.Either copy the Extra folder from your USB to your desktop or download it using safari. (All rights go to the people at applelife) 14.Open up your downloaded Extra folder and the Extra folder located on your Hard drive / partition, In order to see your HDD you need to go to(top left of your screen) Finder->Prefrences and check Hard disks. 15.Copy everything except the Install and modules folder from the downloaded Extra folder to the Extra folder that is on your HDD,and replace anything it asks you if you want to replace. If this is too complicated check the video. 16.Open up modules folder in both Extra folders and copy the contents from the modules folder (in the downloaded Extra folder to the HDD Extra folder) and replace everything it asks you if you want to replace. 17.Now open your Install folder inside the downloaded Extra folder and go to the search (top right on your taskbar) and type in Kext Utility and open it. 18.Wait for the Kext Utility to say Done before installing any kexts. 19.When it says Done. Drag and drop kext,one by one into the kext utilty and enter your password. Wait for it to say All done have a nice day/night... then repeat the process for each kext. 20.Once you have installed all the kexts you are ready to install your bootloader.For some reason only --CHECK THE VIDEO-- works for me so install that. 21.Place the DSDT.aml and org.chameleon.Boot.plist on to your desktop and open --CHECK THE VIDEO-- 22.Select UserDSDT and Chimera v2.2.1 under Drivers and bootloaders - > Bootloaders Under themes select what ever you like. And install it! 23.It will say The installation failed,dont worry thats normal. 24.Reboot! 25.Your reboot will work normally now that you installed --CHECK THE VIDEO-- 26.Enjoy your mac! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please post feedback it means alot! Ask me if you have any problems I would love to help. Check the youtube video if you didn't quite understand everything, And please let me know what you think! | The video is being uploaded atm. | *--CHECK THE VIDEO--* Means to check the video which bootloader I used since the forum doesn't allow me to post it's name in here!
  2. Mrhalocreeper

    Os X Mavericks on Asus k50id ?

    Anyone got success? If so what kext did you use etc.
  3. Mrhalocreeper

    ASUS K50ID Guide & Support - Updated (9/11/2011)

    Its very simple. I installed lion a long time ago and it worked just fine. I used the kexts provided by Kronno and its fine. IN THE CUSTOMIZATION MENU DONT SELECT ANYTHING BUT PS/2 AND THE CHAMELEON,NO STUPID AHCI SATA !!! NO GRAPHICS STUFF ! YOU WILL JUST GET KERNAL PANIC
  4. Mrhalocreeper

    ASUS K50ID Guide & Support - Updated (9/11/2011)

    How come you guys still can't fix the shutdown error o.O srsly i installed snow leopard at least 15 times NEVER a shut down problem. Also the camera is upside down for me and everyone even on windows so idk. Can anyone try installing mountaing lion on it and try to use lion kexts for the ML thx. I would if i could but i took the hard disk out and im using it for my desktop.
  5. Mrhalocreeper

    Kexts for Asus K50ID ?

    Does anyone have or is anyone working on kexts for Asus K50ID thank you <3
  6. Mrhalocreeper

    ASUS K50ID Lion 10.7.2 fully working kexts + new DSDT

    Awesome. Is anyone working on kexts for mountain lion? Thats would be great.
  7. Mrhalocreeper

    ASUS K50ID Guide & Support - Updated (9/11/2011)

    asasinuxp,i dont remember but i think that is what i chose but NOT THE AHCI SATA damn..! Don't choose anything for SATA if you are on asus k50id ! 10.6.8 install (iatkos s2 i think) has the "nvidia data or something like that,if there is that select it but i recommend NOT to select anything anytime you install mac on asus k50id as far as i know you can't set your sata to AHCI so yea. I recommend that because i had kernel panic 1000 times and when i didn't select the SATA everything worked just fine.
  8. Mrhalocreeper

    Os X Lion on Asus k50id

    Had NO usb errors ever with my mac,shutdown and restart work 101% for me and absolutely NO touchpad bugs. DSDT works with iAtkos L2 just fine. Also if you use combo update nothing works. DSDT made for snow leopard or what ever WORKS just fine. I have no idea what ur talking about. I will be making video on installation of iAtkos L2 on asus k50id. Once again people everything works and so does sleep with snow leopard but not lion. And I forgot to say DSDT works 100% I have proof. Sound didn't work until I put the DSDT for assus k50id in extra folder,and then everything worked just fine. Thanks for reading. NO OFFENCE Kronno Fatal1ty ur a good man Its just that what you said doesn't come up with my installation. Thanks for reply.
  9. Mrhalocreeper

    iATKOS L2 Install doesn't boot!

    Had that problem week ago. What did you burn it whit? IT HAS TO BE DISK UTILITY! Here's a tutorial on that,if you can burn it that way it will work 1000000% Other then that if you don't have any mac and can't get it in any way you will have to change the dmg file to some img. But it won't 100% work. Good luck! :wink2:
  10. Mrhalocreeper

    ASUS K50ID Guide & Support - Updated (9/11/2011)

    sleep mode can't be done as far as i know. The kext did not work for me.
  11. Mrhalocreeper

    Os X Lion on Asus k50id

    I had a heck lot of a trouble with the mac os x on a pc I can tell you But I got it 99,999999% working on asus k50id finally. I got Lion working on it! Sound,fully working gpu,network both wi-fi and lan etc. etc. I used Iatkos L2. I selected only the ion family.kext or something like that to solve the pci configuration begin. So all you out there who have that problem select that and only the ps/2 to get the :no keyboard connected: error. After that I just installed all the kexts using kext utility and copied the whole Extras folder to my hard drive. The sleep doesn't work for me aldo. ALL THE KEXTS,DSDT,EXTRA FOLDER PROVIDED HERE
  12. if using iatkos just select the ps/2 kext.
  13. Mrhalocreeper

    Asus K50ID

    I think you got something wrong I didn't buy anything for my gaming pc yet. NOT NVIDIA GT320M! that is in my laptop. Intel core i5 is the top of my game, aldo i have money for i7 I'm still with the i5 i go to the stores and what i see is "gaming pc build" with intel core i3 processor in it.. As for the GPU I'm thinking of asus hd7850-dc2-2gd5 Radeon 2gb or better. I still don't know about the cooler.. I saw some good coolers for the gaming pc (in builds of people) on youtube, aldo few used the one they got it whit the processor the intel cooler,you know. So yea tell me about it. Tell me what should I buy as long as the processor is i3 THANKS!
  14. Mrhalocreeper

    ASUS K50ID Guide & Support - Updated (9/11/2011)

    yes where is the kext for the camera?!?! And please What the f*ck do I do with the K50IDAS.218.zip and the clip how do I install it?