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GTX260 s-video out doesn't work


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I had a GeForce 9800 GT 512 running nicely under Snow Leopard and Lion (2 partitions).

The only issue was that it was listed as "unknown nVidia card"

Unfortunately, it passed out this week.


A friend gave me a GTX260.

I installed it into the pc and it has been recognised immediately!

I have Chameleon 5 (mach kernel), graphics enabler = yes.

It is listed correctly and the two dvi ports work (I use dual screen).



when I plug a video projector using s-video out, nothing comes out.

I have run screen detection, of course. It deactivates my second screen but doesn't recognise the projector.


This worked on my old 9800 GT though.

The s-video output on the GTX260 card works, I have tested it on Wondows 7 where I can send an image to the projector.


Any ideas???

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