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Fixing screen resolution


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Hi all,


I have some noobish questions. I just finished installing 10.4.6 (from DVD) on my Thinkpad T42 (1.7Ghz, R9600, Atheros wireless). To my amazement, all the hardware seems to be working perfectly - well, except for the display. Even the wireless card worked right off the bat (I got online without having to adjust or change anything). All the fancy minimize/maximize and Expose visualizations are working (I think this is called Quartz Extreme?).


However, the one thing that I need to change is the screen resolution... it is currently running at 1024x768 and the resolution of my LCD is 1400x1050. I thought I had heard you could easily change this in a text file somewhere when I was browsing these forums before installing, but after searching for a bit I cannot find any such information.


Anyone wanna point a newbie in the right direction? ;)

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I'm not positive about the 9600, since I don't have one, but I think that you should be able to at least get higher resolutions with Callisto. My suggestion is to actually use the search feature, or do what I do and use Google and limit it to this domain. I have had better luck getting search results that way.

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Hey, Bro,

U guessed it right that u can very well change the screen resolution!

Following are the steps to do that (it worked for me at least):

Step1: Check the various sreen resolution supported!

Reboot, when u get to the Darwin boot prompt i.e. 'boot:' type in '?video'


There goes a list of all your video resolutions.

Check for the resolution u want.


Step2: Setting the Graphics Resolution for safe mode!

Key in the resolution like this ' "Graphics Mode"="1024x768x32" ' (dont forget the "s)


Where "1024" and "768" Vertical & Horizontal refresh rate and "32" is the color depth. Key in the values u want!


Step3: Making the settings permanent!

If your computer now boots with the correct resolution, time to make it permanent - open a Terminal (in Applications), key in 'sudo -s' and 'cd /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration'.


Now key in 'pico com.apple.Boot.plist' and in this file, add after the other options '<key>Graphics Mode</key>' followed by '<string>1024x768x32</string>'.


Reboot to test.


Bye for now,

reply soon!!!

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Thanks, dark.developer for the hint... I've tried 1400x1050x32... it works, but there's refresh issue when I tried to move the window around. I settled for 1280x1024x32 at the end which seems to work well.


Now, my next issue is to get the Intel Wifi card working... it doesn't seem anybody can get this to work yet.

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