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  1. shtoink

    [SELL] G4 Dual 867 MDD PowerMac

    I'd love to find this machine a new home where it can be loved.
  2. shtoink

    [SELL] G4 Dual 867 MDD PowerMac

    I quoted this from the above.
  3. Up for sale is my Dual 867 G4Mirror Drive Door (MDD) PowerMac. It's in pretty good cosmetic condition and fully functional. In the images below it isn't a crack in the front, the plastic coating is still on the drive doors. It includes all the original software, keyboard, mouse (still in the plastic), and box. Hell, there's even the twist ties that came with the cables in there. All the stuff you see in the pictures below. I just recently set it up, installed a fresh copy of of OSX (10.2 is what it came with), cleaned off the drives and tested everything out. Everything was working as it's supposed to when I turned it off and packed it up. After I got it I had an extra 80GB HDD, 1024MB of RAM, and a 5 port USB 2.0 card installed in it. I have quite a few pictures of the machine, and you can see the last few are of it being repacked, which is where it is currently. I imagine that it would only be a good idea for someone in the states to get this machine, but that is only due to the outlandish shipping charges it would take to get it overseas. Here are the specs for the machine: G4 Dual 867 1.25GB DDR One 60GB HDD One 80GB HDD DVD/CDRW Combo Drive GeForce 4 MX 10/100 Ethernet 56k Modem Mac Pro Keyboard Stupid one button Mac mouse I'm asking $450, but I am willing to negotiate a bit. Here's the images, just click on the thumbnail for a bigger image.
  4. I though MDD stood for Mirror Drive Door, but essentially the front is all shiny and chromed around the drive access. At the moment, I do not have any pics, but I will take some very soon.
  5. I have a Dual 867 MDD that I am trying to find a home for. It's got the DVD/CDRW combo drive, 1.25GB ram, a 60GB HHD, and an 40GB HDD. I still have the all the {censored} it came with to incluse the box.
  6. shtoink

    Do you still use MS bob?

    No, but I do have a copy of it in my stuff somewhere. It's mixed in with a bunch of other disks of M$ betas that were released. (Not the pirated type either)
  7. I think that is still the same issue, but the deal breaker is that you need to have an empty partition setup. How I get it to work is to make the partition and format it with NTFS or FAT32 and the boot the install media. Then, with Disk Utility, I can erase that new partition and make it HFS+ Journaled. I'm sure there is probably a better or more efficient way to get it going, but that is how it has worked for me with out any hangups.
  8. The one that has no drives to choose from is the easy one to fix. Well, the fix its self is easy, but you may or may not need to juggle some files around to set it up. The deal with that one is that the Mac OSX installer does not just allow a drive to formatted. You need to run Disk Utility and make a partition with a file system that OSX can be installed on. See, easy. The issue behind that is that you may not have any empty space to make a partition with out damaging you existing windows install and you might need to use a partitioning utility that will non-destructively make a partition. Meaning it erase you load of windows. Once the partition set up is all taken care of, just run the installer again and run the Disk Utility to format (erase the partition) and you are set. The one that has issues with waiting for root device, well, that may be a little harder to track down the problem and have it be solvable. From the given information, it sounds like OSX is having issues with the hardware. It is likely that you are using hardware that is not supported or you need extra stuff on your install media to make it work. It isn't likely that you have failing hardware, which could also cause that problem, but it sounds like your gear is relatively new. Unless someone with far more experience than I can give a good direction to go for the solution on that one, the only thing I can recommend is the search option in the forum.
  9. I have mainly just been keeping my mouth shut and practicing literacy. I try not to ask a buttload of useless questions and clog the forums up with useless {censored}. This leads me to the next bit. I have been doing my best to keep up with all the happenings about the release of the new DVD and the retraction of the torrent and so on. This a bit difficult due to the sheer number of posts and that it seems tp be spread out through several threads. So far, I understand that somehow corruption managed to happen along the way during the sharing of the iso, but it seems plausible that not everyone had gotten the corrupted image. Now that leaves me with a couple questions... Is there an MD5 available for a what a good image should be so we can check our images? Is it possible to repair the corrupted image? Would it be better to just hang back a bit longer and wait for the next DVD? With that, I leave my warmest regards to all those who made this happen and with out you, none of this would ever have been possible. This is my official thank you to you all.
  10. shtoink


    The primary issue with it not working with an emulator is that it needs the math co-processor and those aren't emulated from what I remember. I actually had a system that AU/X should have run on, but I couldn't get the damn CDROM to boot. I have a feeling that it was about dead, though. I still have all the images and stuff for AU/X, but I never finished the prject.
  11. shtoink

    How Much of a Geek are You?

    I'm not sure if I should be happy or depressed... I had no idea I was such a dork! I don't look like a computer geek, I have a wife and kids. Hell, I even have friends that I see in person. I'm gonna go knock my books out of my hands and give my self a serious wedgie, I hope that makes me feel better.
  12. shtoink

    Intel PRO/Wireless 2200 driver

    Ebay might be your best bet for the card, but I did get mine directly from Dell. I was having quite a lot of problems with the intel wireless card and the sent me the Broadcom one free of charge. They even sent some of the little stickers that have your hardware info and updated my hardware listing in their database. This didn't hapen over night, though. I had to suffer though many long hours with the tech support and it took nearly 4 months of dealing with BSODs and reinstals of winders. The fact that I had that many issues with the intel card is why they sent a new one for free. I don't know how good your "social engineering" skills are or if you can even get them to send you one, but at least you that it is possible. I think it helped that I also got the three year support package and accident coverage. I hope that helps.
  13. shtoink

    Intel PRO/Wireless 2200 driver

    I just gave up on the Intel wireless card. I had a 3915 a/b/g in mine and just went with a Broadcom instead. I have far fewer problems in windows now and it's supported by OSX. Infact, I no longer have wireless issues in windows. I had so much trouble with the intel one that I just gave it away. I know it doesn't help with the drivers, but when a fully supported Broadcom MiniPCI card can easily be had for less than $15 it seems like a simple and cheap solution. Just my two cents...
  14. Yikes! I guess that Sony ins't interested in having the average person change out thier own MiniPCI card... On my Dell, it's located unter the keyboard. A small panel in the top bezel and two screws to removed the keyboard. That's it.