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Not New but returning! Got some questions!


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Hey guys SilverSix311 here,

I havent been on Insanelymac since my good old 680i days stressing like crazy getting it to work with 10.5.8 :P

Well since then i have gotten accepted to BYU-Idaho (please dont rag on mormon if you dont mind >:) ). I am finally thinking about getting back into my hackintosh days again as i am about to get my 680i set back up as my plex server for my apartment and turning my windows gaming machine (ASUS P8Z68-V LE mobo and my nVidia GTX 560 TI 448 edition). Looking forward to talking to everyone again. As far as my endeavors go im going to be getting a bit more into the complicated technical side of Mac and Windows hopefully. And to that i will start a new paragraph to ask my questions :P




So here is where i want to accel. I have just got a job at the BYU-I "Computer Help Desk" we do computer repairs on windows mostly but as today Macs are growing greater in numbers we keep getting more and more in. This is no problem as most problems are common and easy to repair (Broken Wi-Fi, Malware, Stuff not installing correctly, or just general user problems). Also with the amount of user coming in growing that means problems that normally a unskilled technician cant fix have been rolling in. These are the ones that i could use a bit more help trying to figure out and accomplish. And as a technician i know how big of a help google can be to get these things fixed as thats where i learned everything i know today. So basically what this whole summary is getting to is:


I want to learn Mac's from the technical side and would like some input from you guys where you started, and where to head to learn it all.


I have a small understanding of:

Kexts - essentially drivers for mac

OS Files - I understand somethings and would like to broaden my horizons


So as far as kexts go i had a girl come in and her Wi-Fi would completely turn off after you shut her MBP 2010 13inch. I googled it and started trouble shooting. steps tried:

1. Disk Permissions check

2. Cleared SMC and PRAM

3. Checked all Network settings (We fine from what i could see)

4. Tried pulling older kexts from Lion Install disk (IO80211NetworkingFamily.kext, as well as a few other but cant name em right now)

5. To be tried, we are just gonna use the Lion Recovery Partition yo reinstall over her OS to fix the problem unless you guys have something to help :P


Another instance:

2006 MacBook White:

Problem - Optical Signal overiding the Speakers on the laptop.

1. Tried the "Toothpick Trick" and triend to get the sensor to shut off, alas no luck after like an hour of fiddleing.

2. Cleared PRAM/SMC

3.I think it might be a faulty IO board for the laptop. Apparently the 2006 model has a seperate Logic board for the Sound and junk.

Anything else you guys can think of? I was looking for a way to disable the signal completely so it couldn't switch anyway.


So if i could get some help i want to better myself as a technician and be able to fix ANYTHING that comes my way.


Mac Side:

I want to learn more about the kexts files for mac to better understand them.

I want to learn to read console a bit better to trouble shoot problems with laptops.

I want to learn anything else you guys think is viable for this position.


Windows Side:

I want to learn the Registry.

I want to learn the deeper side of drivers.

I want to learn anything else as well for this.


If you guys have websites, video tutorials, and any ideas on how to learn more of this stuff please let me know!


Thank you so much and im excited to join the community once again,


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