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Lenovo Ideapad Y470p


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I'm thinking about getting the Lenovo Y470p. Does anybody know if it would be possible to install Lion (preferably) or Snow Leopard onto it?

Let me know if I need to provide any more details, I'm pretty new to this. Thank you!

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Just installed Lion on it. Worked almost OOB. Had to replace smbios.plist from macbook pro 8.1 After that i got my HD3000 working. Voodoo HDA for sound. Still working on LAN. As far as i know there is a problem with Wi-fi adapter, have not even tryed HD7690M.

Found some manual on chineese. http://www.pcbeta.co...tid-984758.html


Hey Just got mine $542 for an i5 2450m and the 7690m is a great deal.

Apple doesn't and never will use intel Wi-Fi on any of their products.

Intel 3000 should work as graphics but I will try to install OSX on it this week.


LAN as in ethernet or Wi-Fi

Ethernet is broadcom so finding the kext shouldn't be too hard.

If it's wifi find a half size atheros wifi card to replace it with and you should be set (research support first).

7690m is a rebraded 6770m (faster clock) which is what the MBP use currently but since they use a different method of switching between gpu's its difficult to get it to work in OS X if possible at that.

Note: 7690m can be recognized and should be used to power external images in theory but may not work in the Real world.

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