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Bluray support in Leopard

Adrian Fogge

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At the moment, one can use the Sony Bluray BWU-100A along with Leopard to play back homegrown HD content through the Apple DVD Player, however the only commercial bluray movie that I have at my disposal "Aeon Flux" will not play under the Apple DVD Player at this time, claiming "A required component to view this video source is unavaliable. (Error -0050)"


Things do look promising though that we will have commercial support for Bluray in Leopard though given that the codecs necissary to play back bluray content is already in the DVD Player.


Tested on a Mac Pro with Leopard 9A241e and the Sony BWU-100A (Internal).

I am going to be testing more extensively over the next few days to see what "required component" is missing.

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