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mountain lion ASUS p6t SE


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I have the Asus P6T SE also .. I have successfully installed DP1... but I am still struggling with the DP3...


when installing DP3, I also used the USB installation method with Chameleon 2.1 for MLion like DP1. The installation USB boot ok.. after selecting language , disk and then it stops... an installer_log window opened up and another window asked you to restart or shutdown.


any help


I have a Nvidia 9800 card.

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finally fix the problem.. Now writing with DP3 working on the Asus P6TSE board with GT9800 512M.


For unknown reason, DP3 cannot be installed on a fresh disk for me... what I have done


- create a USB stick to boot and install DP1 on a hard disk

- after installation, install the Chamelion 2.1svn r1820 for MLion. to the hard drive. remember to select custom installation and check SMBIOS for iMac12. Then boot up and set the user name etc.

- create another USB stick to boot and install DP2 on the same hard disk. It will upgrade DP1.. all the desktop, software installed in DP1 are there.

= after installation successful... create another USB stick to boot and install DP3 on the same hard disk...

- now boot the DP3 hard disk , go to applestore and upgrade it...


I have to add the Realtek ethernet Kext to the IOnetworkingfamily.kext. and also change the appleHDA.kext for sound.


in the Extra folder

- no need to add NVenabler64. Just use Graphicsenabler=Y

- dsdt.aml has to be there.


Good Luck

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I have the same mobo with an i7 930 cpu. Hows the general feel MountainLion compared with Lion, is it faster more stable etc etc? I mean would it be worth upgrading when they release it? I have Snowleopard, Lion and Win 8 on this computer but what I use most of the time is actually Snowleopard.

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I have windows 7, Lion and now MtLion.. I erased Snow already....For the limited time I used, MtLion is faster.. Safari is better than before..


I recommend an upgrade.. Keeping Snow only for the reason of old software that run the PowerPC code.

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I`m running ML 10.8.2 on my Asus P6T SE and it`s working good.


I made two partitions on my (60 gig SSD) hard drive, one for Chameleon (so it can boot), the extra folder, a sep folder for the kext this mobo needs and the installation dmg. This way I have a backup and a fast way to re install if I need. I goes faster too to install from a harddrive than an external usb thumb drive.


I have the Sapphire HD 5750 video card and the i7 930 cpu.


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Hi All,


Firstly, thanks for all the info already posted.


Secondly, I have been trying to get (myHack) to work, so far I have installed and got everything running. Thanks to the .kexts provided above. However, I'm still having a problem with my ethernet connection regarding network setup, I understand this also affects my ability to logo into my iTunes/app store.... etc.


The research I've done points to SMBois setting, something to do with the hacked pc being registered as a proper mac when connecting over the net? (please correct me at any time if I'm not saying the right thing).


Can someone please give me a bit of advice or a point in the right direction, many thanks in advance for any help.


My setup: (Know any REAL mac like this?)


Asus P6T SE

i7 920 

GeForce® GTX 560 Gainward

14GB Ram

60 SSD


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I can report that the Intel Xeon X5650 6 Cores 2.66GHz / 12M works with this motherboard. I got it on Ebay UK from China for 60 pounds which is not bad. I'm on ML 10.8.5 with this computer.


I'm thinking maybe I should get a new DSDT.aml for it? I had the i7 930 cpu in this hackmac before. I suck at making DSDTs so if somebody could give us a hand here would be really cool.



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