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Been putting together a little Restart to-app. It's just simple Applescript and the code might be rubbish (this ain't my area of expertise) but it works, at least for me.


The way it works is that it depends on 3 different org.chameleon.Boot.plist-files in your Extra-folder and then it just renames them so the desired one is used.


Here is my plist file that halts on the bootloader:

<key>Graphics Mode</key>


In the ones I use to boot strait to OSX or Windows i just add (with the correct Default Partition for the drive of course):

<key>Default Partition</key>


The reason I use GUI=No is because the timeout with GUI is slow as hell for me. And the reason I use Timeout instead of Quiet Boot is because you can't edit the files (change the names) in Windows without installing a bunch of {censored} so you can read HFS, instead you'll have to be quick and abort the Timeout.


The two copies should be named org.chameleon.Boot.plist.osx and org.chameleon.Boot.plist.win.


Now you're almost ready to use it. You just have to open the app with applescript-editor and change the top line to the path of your extra-folder.


Start up the app, choose what to restart to and click Restart. This option will be permanent till the next time you change it. It sucks, I know but I can't do better then this, sorry XD. So whats the reason to use it if it doesn't only apply to the next restart? Well, I want my computer to boot OSX 90% of the time. With this I don't have to make an active choice in the bootloader and the few times I want to restart to Windows I don't have to bash the keys to abort a countdown (instead I can visit the bathroom or grab o cup of coffee, hehe).


I also made an even smaller script, which I add to my startup items, that reverts the restart option to OSX every time OSX boots.

So a scenario could be:

Restart to Windows -> endless loop of Windows restarts (Windows Update anyone?) -> Abort countdown -> Start OSX -> Endless restarts of OSX


And oh, If you find this the slightest useful and know your way around X-Code or something. Feel free to do whatever you like, just repost it here afterwords =D



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