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  1. Could someone tell me how to add the AGDCEnabled flag in fakesmc (or if you have a dummy kext for it). I don't have as much time to fiddle around with my hack as I had before kids O_O'
  2. Clover General discussion

    What does the "Set OS version if not" actually do? Everywhere I read about it people only say "don't change this" and it bugs the hell out of me. I want to know what all the settings do =) The same goes for all the options in booterconfig. Can't find any real explanation on these. Everyone just says 0x28.
  3. I just have to ask, should this apply to everyone? I just installed El Capitan and haven't noticed anything about this. I got a z68 board with iMac12,2 smbios. In DSDT I have EHC1 and EHC2, EHC1 with 8 ports and EHC2 with 6 ports. The original EHCI-kext seems to only include 1 port for EHC1 and 2 ports for EHC2, yet every single port seems to work for me. I have stuff internal, front ports, using almost all back ports. I never realized this was a problem for some and just stumbled upon this post and had to ask. If it's just a matter of time if I get this problem I might as well "fix" it now. EDIT: Checked some in IORegistry and seems like there only are 1 actual "port" on each EHCI and then followed by a HUB. Under the HUB-driver I can see each port.
  4. Clover General discussion

    I stick with USB sound. Generic sound dongle and a pair of headphone with USB. USB 3 is disabled for me, don't use it enough to bother with drivers. Wifi, bt is Apple stuff. And the Ethernet is a ootb pci-e. I guess time will tell if I can use 0xFFFF as Slice said =)
  5. Clover General discussion

    Oh. Sweet. I'll try that when I get home. Does that apply to the bootercfg as well? EDIT: And am I correct in assuming it should work when only using FakeSMC, loaded from EFI? PS: You work on Clover is invaluable!
  6. Clover General discussion

    Ok, I might be wrong here but lets give it a shot. I use Clover 3270 and it seems like the CSR/bootercfg values are set to 00 on each boot. When changing the value trough the Recovery HD it changes in the nvram but it gets reset to 00 (enabled) when I reboot (yes, my nvram is working 100%). Some people seem to talk about a standard of 28/67 but this doesn't seem to apply me at all. Is this for a newer version? They way I would like it to work is: No value in config.plist = Standard mac handling (if possible) Value in config.plist = Force value I don't think I'm alone with a "vanilla setup" (only FakeSMC.kext, no other kexts och tweaks or anything. All my hardware is ootb mac-stuff). And with this config I believe that it's possible to use the SIP-protection just like on a normal mac, right? The reason for thinking this is because mine has worked perfectly with it enabled / 00 on every boot and install / cache rebuild. And because the FakeSMC.kext is on the EFI-drive and doesn't have any dependencies or ever exists in the cache. Sure, I get the a lot of people use all kinds of kexts for USB3, network and what not, and for these the auto value might be a good thing so they can get going fast, but then a flag for disabling auto-handling of SIP might be a good way to go? EDIT: If it wasn't clear, I'm not using any RT-values in config.plist, and I don't intend to as I want this to be handled as vanilla as possible.
  7. Clover General discussion

    Yeah. I did read that somewhere. But still, I have a hard time believing thats the case. Csrutil says enabled and nvram -p says bootercfg %00%00, csr-active-config %00%00%00%00
  8. Clover General discussion

    Quick question here. I have skimmed trough the posts here and can't really find a clear answer on this: If I only inject FakeSMC.kext (+plugins) from EFI, do I need to bother with SIP/CSR at all? I'm not using another single tweak on this hack, everything is OOTB. Just updated to 10.11 without bothering with it and it seems to work. It should work as it never loads in to the cache, but I might be wrong? I guess I should do my own research but I know my self and I would just end up sitting hours trying to figureing it all out to the last bit
  9. Enable TRIM on non-Apple SSD

    I know that I don't need to set the kext-dev-mode myself when patching with clover, but I was a littlest curious if clover automatically enables this when you choose to patch something. And about that FakeSMC-thingy. That can't be correct. I have booted just fine with FakeSMC and its plugins in clover/kexts/10.10 (or other) since Yosemite release. Injection of course, thats the only way i would do it.
  10. Enable TRIM on non-Apple SSD

    Does Clovers kext-patching disable signing? Or does it manage to keep it enabled due to the fact that it makes the patching to the cache? Follow up: Is there a way to verify the kext-dev-mode status?
  11. Is Power Nap possible for hackintosh?

    Does anyone know the requirements to actually get the power nap option to pop up? Is it limited to certain smbios-models? Cpu-requirements? Is ivy bridge the oldest possible? Intel smart connect supported MB? I'm trying to figure out if I'm wasting my time with the current setup or not.
  12. HD3000 can't wake up

    Hi! Got a hack that works great on every point but one. No matter what I try I can't get that HD3000 to work with sleep. The computer sleeps but I can't wake up. The screen stays black and I have to force a shutdown. If I startup the computer again a kernel panic screen flashes while booting OSX. A complete shutdown (including PSU) solves this issue and I can boot again, but still , no wake. Specs is: Asus P8Z68-V LX i5 2500k The device id of the iGPU is 0112 but I've edited the DSDT to change it to 0126. I works fine and all, except sleep. Tried chameleon and clover , no difference. Tried ever combination of bios settings I can think of, but still no luck. And I've searched and searched but I seem to be completely alone with this problem. Does everybody else ignore sleep issues when they say that it works? Thankful for ANY ideas.
  13. Clover General discussion

    About DropOemSSDT. My MB has 6 (or so) SSDT files, should I place all 6 in patched-folder even though I only apply patches to one of them? I have been trying a bit and can't really see a difference. Would be sweet to know if it would be of any use to put them all there though. I'm kinda obsessed with having a clean as possible boot process, hehe.
  14. Clover General discussion

    Withkexts doesn't work anymore. Press space on the ML drive and choose to boot with inject kexts. Then add it to your config.plist http://clover-wiki.zetam.org/Configuration#InjectKexts
  15. Clover General discussion

    It's in the EFI-partition of the drive that the Windows-install is on. /EFI/Microsoft/Boot. It doesn't matter if it's in the same EFI-parition/folder as Clover, Clover scans all drives and EFI-partitions. I believe that this file only exists if you have done a "pure" UEFI install of Windows. Boot the installer in UEFI mode and install to a GPT drive. But I'm no expert so... XD