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ASUS g74 nvidia 560m and sound help!

Blaine Lanahan

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So I installed with iatkons (btw i am completely new to mac, but lemme tell yah, im learnin a lot!) So in my little adventure my 1st install was a bust, everything worked but my heyboard and mouse (had o use USB) after much headaches and plenty of forum reading and kext swapping, i just decided to reboot, little did i know, there is a "customization tab in the installer, that allowed me to sinstall hardware detection, mouse, keyoard Wireles net, ect, so i did all that, and to my surprise, it all work except i was getting a Panic from VoodooHDA i later removed the mac HDA and that fixed the problem, with the panic but the sound still dosent work! im frustraited and at my wts end about this!


I used a system info program, it tells me that there are 2 nvidia devices that cant be idenified, one is a multimedia and the other im assuming is my video card,

Another thing to not is in this program it allsow gives me the names f the kext installed and working for that hardware, there is no driver for the adio components


so if anyone has a clue as to what i need to do any help would be greatyl appreciated of if anyone has thi up and running on their ASUS g74sx laptop and would be willing to give me a copy of their extensions folder it would be reatly appreciated

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You certainly can go with a stock OSX. But seems to me you have a working Lion installation except for the Nvidia video and the sound. So, you only need to work on those two item rather than a whole assortment of items if you go with a stock installation.


I opened the package from that guide and it has an older version of VoodooHDA (2.6.2). As I said, sometimes the older ones are better. Why not remove the VoodooHDA you have and install the one from the kit? See if it works. The kit provides the utility Kext Wizard to help you install it if you need it. Just be sure to remove the old VoodooHDA.kext first.


As for video, the guide adds a device/vendor id to one of the video drivers. Have you tried that yet?


The System Information program you ran is very good, but it leaves out one pertinent piece of information about sound. Sound depends upon two chips - an audio controller which System Info will list. It also depends upon an audio codec chip with the program doesn't list. Do you have Windows on this machine? The codec can be determined from Windows.

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Boot windows

Open Device Manager

Go to Sound

For each item you find there:

- right-click and select Properties

- click the Details tab

- in the pop-up, select Hardware IDs

- provide the 4 character numbers following the VEN_ and the DEV_


One of those will be the codec identifier

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