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Difficulty with Xircom CardBus RealPort Ethernet adapter


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Hello there,


I've just installed OSx86 10.4.6 (JaS patched) for my IBM ThinkPad R40.


On startup, everything worked perfectly with one hitch.


My built-in ethernet and wireless card are broken. They stopped working long ago, and so I am using a PC Card.


It's a Xircom RealPort CardBus Ethernet yadayada,

the most important part being that it's PNPID is 0x0003115D


I've figured out how to patch my Kext files to input my PNPID, but I can't find a kext that supports it.


I can't find a single trace of people having success with Xircom cards, and I can't quite find out what my next step is.


As I search online for "0x0003115D" I find what appears to be some Linux driver-related stuff, with the text "Xircom Tulip Clone"


I think I'm going to try out the old tulip.kext...




can anyone point me in the direction I should go?


Thanks for your time.

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