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When I started with computers graphic displays were still years away. I can still remember some of the early ones. I was amazed at the "picture quality" displays you could see at the dealer. These were mostly static pictures, video was still a long way off in computer terms. The first usable video I ever had was on an IBM Thinkpad 760 CD that was way too expensive, I'm embarrassed to say.


I still have a tinge of remorse sitting here typing on my MacBook Pro with a Quad Core i7 with accelerated graphics doing little more than typing a text article. The only time I really warm this thing up is when I render video with 64 bit Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5.5.


There is a distro that still warms my text based heart. It is called grml and it is available at grml.org


It is technically called an administrator's distro. It has all the text based admin utilities the best hacker or hacker security officer could ever want. But for me, it starts up in text mode. You have all of the utilities that made Unix famous, little utilities such a vi, bash, csh, and zsh which is the default. If you are comfortable with bash you can use zsh. Bash is a subset of zsh.


If you happen to have low vision, grml is for you (as is vinux). The kernel and supplied software will get you going.


If you have an OLD computer with limited resources, grml will probably work. I find it fun and it satisfies my miserly bones.

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