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I get the classic hang at ** Device in slot: slot--1 **

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Hi, I have recently installed OSX on my AMD machine and I got everything working (including graphics), but i messed something up and had to reinstall.

I installed OSX with nawcom's mod disc and retail snowleopard dvd.

Everything works except for my graphics card (XFX ATI 5850).

The last time I got it working i used GraphicsEnabler, but this time i don't get that far. I get stopped by the ** Device in slot: slot--1 ** error message. I have tried PCIRoot=1, update fakesmc, run in non-64-bit mode, ATY_init.kext and iopcifamiliy.kext, but i still doesn't work (I don't get the same error message with each method).


I'm currently running 10.6.6. Might it help to update to 10.6.8?


Can anyone help me with this?

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