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Intel HD3000 Question


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So I have an Acer Aspire 5749Z-4809. I have a vanilla install of 10.7 and the used ###### to create a bootable install. I am using the MacBookPro 8.1 smbios. If I boot normally, at the point where I am supposed to get the login screen, instead all I get is a grey screen (no apple logo), i can see and move my mouse but that is it. If I remove the AppleIntelHDGraphics kexts I am able to boot an operate normally though of course without qe/ci.


What concerns me most is the when I see the early chimera screens during boot, it says I have an Intel HD 2000 video setup. Now according to the manufacturers spec sheet it is an Intel HD 3000. The device ID is 0106, vendor ID 8086. Can anyone give me a clue on what I am doing wrong?


Crappers, maybe not, just found this spec page from manufacturer, and that doesn't list the HD model number. Can anyone tell by the device ID is this is a 2000 or 3000?

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