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Dell inspiron m6400 retail


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Can someone help me it here?


I've tried everything I can think of to get the retail disk to load, but everyone it stops and pci config end.


I've disabled every empty slot in the bios, I've booted with npci=0x2000 and/our pcirootuid=1/0, even -x.. Nothing works.


Everyone, sticks at pci config end.


Core 2 duo 2.93

4GB ddr4

250GB Sata Hdd

nvidia quadro fx 2700m

Sata DVD rw

I boot + retail 10.6.3



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Ok, update, for those who see this/care, and so that I have a place to record what progress I'm making.


I was able to get 10.6.3 installed and working pretty well.


NawComs ModCD 0.3.2 was able to push me past the PCI Config End, as well as was able to incorporate NullCPUPowerManagement and A couple other cool kexts along the way.


Full Res/QE/CI on Quadro FX 2700m OOB


No wifi with Intel 5300 (doubt it'll ever happen) so ended up pulling an AirPort Extreme Mini-PCI out of a 2009 Mac Book Pro my brother broke. Works OOB, obviously. HAd to put it in the WWAN slot, though, but OSX/Windows doesn't know the difference. Win 7 installed as Broadcom Multi Wireless Device, and works great. Just be sure to remove the half-pci card in the wifi slot and turn it off in the bios.


Audio Works (sorta) OOB, (with the VoodooHDA.kext that nawcom modcd adds) but physical buttons/In-OS level doesn't change volume, so speakers are always at Full Volume, haven't found a fix yet.


Haven't tested/messed with Ethernet/LAN, since I don't have access to a router, only wifi networks.



I can't update. At all. whether I go One update to 10.6.4, or go the whole 10.6.8 v1.1 combo update, it breaks.


Sooooo. That's where I'm at. As it stands, it's a usable, but not perfect, 10.6.3, but that's it. I desperately wanna get this thing up fully running lion, but hey. This is where I'm at.


Ideas? Thoughts?

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