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Belkin F5D7050B(v2) question.


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Hi, I have a Hackintosh with 10.7.2 on it, and the only way of browsing the web is a Belkin wireless USB dongle. I had it working once before but something happened and I'm not sure what. Anyways, my question is do you guys know of a driver that will allow it to run on my computer? Thanks in advance. I'm sure there's an up-to-date, working answer on this site somewhere, but I've searched for well over an hour now.

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it will show the "wireless utility" press rescan and wait at first it shows no device,than disconnected and finally "connected - (your network)"


check on system preferences -network and see if it with "using DHPC" .


before you connect the first time after installation,turn off the computer,remove the wall connection power and remove the usb belkin for some minutes...


I only got results with this procedure..


good luck



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I can't understand...ALL my rigs use it...


at preferences-network, does Belkin has an IP with DHPC?


turn off the computer remove the device,wait some seconds ,reboot your computer and and after everything loaded, insert the wifi device..

see it do the steps...no device, disconnected, and finally connected- and your net



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