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ASUS K40IN - 10.6.8 post installation work


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So got this lappy up and running with the great info on this forum... used the installer script, an iMac, retail SL DVD, and chameleon bootloader to make a bootable 16GB usb flash drive with patched osinstall and osinstall.mpkg files. Did the install, made it bootable and installed needed kexts, did the combo update, generated the dsdt. Now time to peck away at what doesn't work..


-camera image upside down.. looking for an open source solution, but may just go with iglasses


-built in mic levels seem really low using Voodoo pref pane, and there is a monitor feedback loop every reboot

---fixed with voodoo hda common problems thread, edited info.plist for device and vendor id, mixer value for iGain

(90), and added value for Monitor (0)


-haven't tested built in mic with built in speakers useability for video conferencing

---works fine, bit of larsen effect, so minimal, in fact a bit of reverb is ok with built in mic as its only used for voice


-haven't tested line in and headphone out

---works fine with analog stereo headset & mic, wireless usb headset recognized and works fine too


-sleep/wake doesn't work

---fixed sleep & lid sleep with guide by man_of_the_oak which walks one through fixing dsdt errors, and then applying the required dsdt patches


-speedstep possible? again know very little about this or if it can work

---fixed with same guide


-dsdt file has 212 warnings to fix (low priority)

-shut down output mentions unable to unmount 2 drives (low priority)

-restart doesn't work after sleep used (negligible priority)

-upgrade to 10.7, 10.8? (low priority for this setup, partitioned to try in future)


In general very happy with this setup! No need to swap out any hardware. Seems Asus K40, K50, series notebooks are compatible with retail SL, with the exception of not being able to restart after sleep, and the only multi-touch is two finger vertical scrolling (no horizontal, no pinching).


happy :)

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