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  1. ssuuki9

    Installation on EEEPC X101CH ?

    update:- tried usb hdd enclosure.. same problem, same hangup. it looks like its getting pretty far but hangs at same spot. there is a post boot mounter line just before it, it looks like its trying to connect back to the usb stick and failing there
  2. ssuuki9

    Installation on EEEPC X101CH ?

    oops.. i had an sd card in it so popped that out.. now there is only one USBMSC line and its likely the usb thumb drive itself?? any suggestions? i was thinking I could remove the hdd and put in in an enclosure to copy everything off the usb drive, but thats a lot of work
  3. ssuuki9

    Installation on EEEPC X101CH ?

    ok so im back at this one - so i get to the boot screen which hangs up.. i am using the atom kernel and -v -f and it keeps hanging: ACPI: System State [s0 S3 S4 S5] (S3) USBMSC Identifier (non-unique): bunch of hex USBMSC Identifier (non-unique): bunch of hex
  4. ssuuki9

    Installation on EEEPC X101CH ?

    I have the same net-book and planned on an install, hadn't gotten back to it for awhile but it would be nice if it worked, and just to clarify this net-book has 1gig ram 'soldiered' to the board, it has an sd card slot though which could be used for a drive of some sort. if the hdd was swapped for a ssd i was thinking it might run 10.6.8 great. i was going to try two approaches to the install, one being the net-book installer the other being an install script for intel gigabyte boards using a boot-loader that should work with a 32bit kernel
  5. ssuuki9

    USB won't boot eee pc x101ch BIOS1203 update

    Thanks, working on it. Wish Scroogle and insanelymac was around. Its to be a replacement for my Apple TV3 if it runs SL well.
  6. I bought this the other day and tried the USB stick I already prepared for the other Asus laptop I have. It won't boot. I bought and tried with another USB stick, MBR and Guid partition, trying Chameleon bootloader and all I see it a boot0: blurb and then it just resets. Am I missing something here? I tried without graphics enabler, tried putting in the native resolution 1024x600 no success. stumped.. all I have done with the BIOS is to change the disk order and the boot device. I've never had a problem with the bootloader before.. Suggestions??
  7. ssuuki9

    New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    Just tried RehabMan's modded kext on my 10.6.8 laptop and works like a charm. Yaay bonjour! AirParrot is now useable for video in low quality mode and I can stop using my wireless nic for airplay! haven't tested wol as I dont have sleep enabled in my dsdt right now, but may go back to that for clamshell mode. Thanks Mieze and Rehabman for your efforts!
  8. ssuuki9

    New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    I sent the 8169 kext to the trash, updated bootcache, removed ethernet, restarted, installed version 1.1.2 using a kext installer that i've always used, toggling s/l/e instead of /e/e, reboot, go to add interface and there are three new options - pppoe, vpn, and '6 to 4'. Am I getting close here? Still not seeing my router. edit - kext not supported on SL will re-read thread to see if any alternative, going to try this on Mavericks next week
  9. ssuuki9

    New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    i have Realtek RTL8111/8168B and its using the vanilla AppleRTL8169Ethernet.kext located in IONetworkFamily.kext. i recently noticed that itunes wont see my airport express and apple tv unless i have the wifi turned on. would this kext fix for wired? also if i install it in S/L/E do i have to remove IONetworkFamily.kext? sorry if this is old news to ppl but i already got a kp trying some of the older realtek kexts in E/E, so just want to dbl check before i do anything. while researching this forum the problem seems to be bonjour?? but then i dont understand why does all work fine with the wifi? btw i don't see promisc when i do ifconfig for either interface eth0 (wired) and eth1 (wireless)
  10. After days of research, update it appears to be doable! However it remains to be seen, but the folks doing the development are claiming X1600 support, now until an update is posted there are questions about whether this refers to X1600 on Mac Pro (1,1) only or iMac (5,1), and MBP from same era, but there is mention of X1600 and 10.9 running on an old 2006 iMac on that thread you referred me to. Can't get any more hopeful than this! Ram is being upgraded to 4Gig - now the person doing it said he's not sure whether the board will recognize 3 or 4, but he did mention he has a MBP that is only supported to 4 and he has 8 recognized in it so hopeful to get the 4. As far as functionality goes for common things like videochat and messaging, bonjour, etc, well just have to wait and see.. I know what you mean about the nt-kernel you should have heard my Asus laptops SATA drive clicking away all the time (the one in my sig)... drove me nuts! SL runs like a charm! Once again Styrian I want to thank you for taking the time to respond and point me in the right direction.
  11. Styrian, thanks for all the info! Much appreciated.. I will look into all your links. Funny I was reasearching exactly what you mention - the graphics card issue which I was getting up to speed on today. Yes it is the Radeon x1600, what I didn't know was that its soldiered to the mainboard. I was hoping for the off chance that it could be upgraded. I was researching 2006 Mac Pros (1,1) that were being upgraded to 10.9 successfully with gfx upgrade and thought that meant it could be doable on the i-mac. So I agree with your mention of the patched 1600 kexts availability being the important issue right now. I cloned all the partitions using the disk utility application, I assume this is the same as CCC. And I fully understand many a reader who would just be thinking, "geez dude, go build your own desktop and just choose compatible hardware", which is definitely what I am planning on doing for my next project. This was just an idea for fun and the neat irony as well. So the gfx could be a deal breaker on this one, I mean it runs just fine on 10.6.8 it would be nice to get some of the added features is all like messaging and whatnot. Well its been very educational succeeding with my first hackintosh, and looking into a second project. I will continue to research this in the meantime, at some point this mac may just retire running Linux as a router
  12. ok so to start it would be nice to get current SL booting with chameleon instead of the default mac bootloader.. one thing i noticed with the bootable SL install usb stick this forum helped me make is that when i boot it on the asus laptop the chameleon bootloader shows up with the usual picture and boot options, but when i tried it on the mac it was recognized by holding the option key, but it skips the chameleon bootloader stuff and just directly segways to the OSX install screen.. odd.. anywho.. questions.. -should chameleon go on the efi or on the os partition? -if i want to dual boot SL and Mavericks can i install the bootloader on the efi partition? -should i reformat the drive and lose the efi partition and go with MBR? sorry if bad logic on that last one i dont fully understand the difference between efi setup verus mbr with guid partitions
  13. Styrian - the imac drive has three guid partitions and I am wanting to install Mavericks on the first guid partition, ideally, but guess it really doesn't matter -so one way to do this would be to clone the SL to the first partition, get it up and booting with Chameleon, with modified smbios and then go to the app store and download and run the upgrade (if it would work) -another way is to create a bootable usb and install Mavericks from USB, the only catch here i think is that i cant make the usb mbr format because on a mac holding the option key down will only allow a guid formatted usb to boot going to do the second way so I don't need to clone the SL install - your post still helps though as a good start would be to get SL booting from chameleon instead of the default efi boot.. if anything goes awry i can boot from the SL DVD
  14. so from what i have read this is doable.. but first things first, it is, right?? funny one gets the error from the app store that it isn't this 2006 model (5,1, 2.16 core 2 duo 2gigs ram, ATI Radeon X1600 128mB video, tank, love it, not a dead pixel yet and that wonderful flat mat screen) is running 10.6.8 now on the second partition with 10.5 on the first partition (at least the ones i see, theres a hidden one right?).. wanting to install on the 10.5 partition i am familiar with digital dreamers script, installing kexts, and modifying dsdt, just wondering what the best approach is? i know i could just wipe the whole drive and perhaps start with an mbr setup as was mentioned in the script.. but is there a non-desctructive approach - can i keep the drive as is and just install the bootloader? of course everything will be backed up to an external first guess i could use all the legit smc data from this machine and just change the number to a compatible one? if the script even needs it just starting this off i don't even know if i can boot to chameleon right into the usb stick (like with the Asus lappy i am also working on) or if i have to make a bootable dvd to chain load the usb looking forward to getting somewhere i didn't see much mentioned about older i mac installs so thought a post would be worthy to document
  15. Well, man_of_the_oak, you have one happy protege here! The clincher for me was getting sleep/wake to work with the lid.. now this baby is a keeper, might even buy a replacement battery. Your tutorial was excellent. Using this thread and the hackinstaller script I was able to just learn enough at each step to get to the next step in your guide. My dsdt had 2 errors, one was the buffer zero entry, but the other was different I managed to fix it by studying the rest of the file.. still have 212 warnings which all seem to be similar to yours. I went ahead and made all the other dsdt modifications except for the sound ones as I am trying out voodoohda.kext.. still have some issues to fix with that, finding an open source fix for the upside down webcam, and the controllermate customizations. Seriously though, thank you, thank you thank you, this guide was excellent, and now I have an awesome, inexpensive, second hand, osx, asus notebook Cheers!