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Enabling QE/CI on Pentium 4, 10.5.6

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Hello everyone, I've got an HP a1224n with a 3.06 ghz Pentium 4 and integrated GMA 915 graphics. From what I understand, this should be able to do QE/CI, but I can't get it to work. I installed a few kexts that were supposed to work, but I ended up with a black screen and I had to reinstall. Is there a way to get it to work?

If not, what graphics card should I use? I did a little bit ofresearch but I don't have a clear answer as to what is compatible with the motherboard (PTGD-LA).

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I searched for hackintosh HP a1224n and came across this....it would appear a graphics card cannot be utilised.








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Re: Speed up options for an aging HP a1224n. Possible CPU or HDD upgrades?

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If you have installed 4 GB of PC3200 DDR, then if you install a used but working, Pentium 4 650 3.4/800/2M processor, I think you will see a noticeable improvement over your current setup.


I cannot guarantee it will work but I am pretty sure it will, based on the below info.


If you only have PC2700, your memory performance will suffer with the 800 MHz FSB P4 650 processor.


Attached are your motherboard specs:




I have a dc7100 with the same chipset so I am pretty sure a P4 650 will work in yours. I have a P4 640 (3.2GHz) which I got for free, so I installed that instead of the 650. If I had to buy one, I would have bought the 650. I did install a P4 650 in a Dell Dimension 4700 with the same Intel 915 chipset. Works great! I upgraded the Dell from a P4 520 2.8/800/1M to the 650 and that was a noticeable improvement. You would be be increasing by almost 400 MHz and 266 Mhz of FSB speed.


HP has drivers for the PC for Windows Vista, and Windows 7 64 bit. The only processors that could run with a 64 bit OS that are supported with the 915 chipset, are the P4 6xx series processors. So, I would assume that your PC supports the P4 6xx series processors up to 3.4 GHz as listed in the motherboard specs.


You can get a P4 650 used but working for less than $25 on eBay.


I do not see a BIOS update that requires support for new processors, so you should be good to go.


If your HDD is less than 60% full, I see no need for an additional HDD. I don't even know if the machine will support a 10K RPM HDD. I don't know if your machine's HDD controller supports SATA II HDD"s 3.0 GB/S transfer speeds. I do not think it does. So any HDD you bought would run at the SATA transfer speed of 1.5 GB/S and you might have to jumper the drive for that to work.


The main drawback I see to your PC is you can't install a PCie graphics adapter. Your onboard graphics (GMA900) will not run the Windows Aero graphics found in Windows 7 or Vista. It's not a show stopper, but many folks have upgraded their PC's/notebooks with the onboard GMA 900 video adapter only to find this out afterward, and were very disappointed. Had you been able to install a PCIe graphics card, say a cheap nVidia 8400GS 512 MB fanless card, it would have freed up some onboard memory and you would have noticed even more improvement.


So, for a $25 investment in a P4 650 processor you could squeeze some more HP (no pun intended) out of it.


Other than that, I would be looking to buy a new/used PC manufactured from 2008 on. They should all be Windows 7 capable since they would all have been Windows Vista capable back in 2008.-----




It appears this is an Asus M/B and has the graphics slot unavailable.

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I am using an Acer Aspire 1804 desktop replacement which is similiar to yours running Leopard 10.5.8. I used iATKOS v7 which is L 10.5.7 plus Mac update.

I also searched... hackintosh GMA 915.. and came up with a few hits. Might be worth a look.

In the above piece the writer mentions changing the CPU .. they cost pennies on Ebay and would make a difference on yours.

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