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    Enabling QE/CI on Pentium 4, 10.5.6

    I am using an Acer Aspire 1804 desktop replacement which is similiar to yours running Leopard 10.5.8. I used iATKOS v7 which is L 10.5.7 plus Mac update. I also searched... hackintosh GMA 915.. and came up with a few hits. Might be worth a look. In the above piece the writer mentions changing the CPU .. they cost pennies on Ebay and would make a difference on yours.
  2. eddiebelfast

    Enabling QE/CI on Pentium 4, 10.5.6

    I searched for hackintosh HP a1224n and came across this....it would appear a graphics card cannot be utilised. Paul_Tikkanen Regents Professor Posts: 10,251 Registered:07-13-2010 Message 2 of 7(463 Views) Report Inappropriate Content 1 Re: Speed up options for an aging HP a1224n. Possible CPU or HDD upgrades? [ Edited ] Options 05-24-2011 11:33 AM - last edited on 05-24-2011 11:38 AM Hi: If you have installed 4 GB of PC3200 DDR, then if you install a used but working, Pentium 4 650 3.4/800/2M processor, I think you will see a noticeable improvement over your current setup. I cannot guarantee it will work but I am pretty sure it will, based on the below info. If you only have PC2700, your memory performance will suffer with the 800 MHz FSB P4 650 processor. Attached are your motherboard specs: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c00361570&tmp_task=prodinfoCategory&lc=en&dlc=en... I have a dc7100 with the same chipset so I am pretty sure a P4 650 will work in yours. I have a P4 640 (3.2GHz) which I got for free, so I installed that instead of the 650. If I had to buy one, I would have bought the 650. I did install a P4 650 in a Dell Dimension 4700 with the same Intel 915 chipset. Works great! I upgraded the Dell from a P4 520 2.8/800/1M to the 650 and that was a noticeable improvement. You would be be increasing by almost 400 MHz and 266 Mhz of FSB speed. HP has drivers for the PC for Windows Vista, and Windows 7 64 bit. The only processors that could run with a 64 bit OS that are supported with the 915 chipset, are the P4 6xx series processors. So, I would assume that your PC supports the P4 6xx series processors up to 3.4 GHz as listed in the motherboard specs. You can get a P4 650 used but working for less than $25 on eBay. I do not see a BIOS update that requires support for new processors, so you should be good to go. If your HDD is less than 60% full, I see no need for an additional HDD. I don't even know if the machine will support a 10K RPM HDD. I don't know if your machine's HDD controller supports SATA II HDD"s 3.0 GB/S transfer speeds. I do not think it does. So any HDD you bought would run at the SATA transfer speed of 1.5 GB/S and you might have to jumper the drive for that to work. The main drawback I see to your PC is you can't install a PCie graphics adapter. Your onboard graphics (GMA900) will not run the Windows Aero graphics found in Windows 7 or Vista. It's not a show stopper, but many folks have upgraded their PC's/notebooks with the onboard GMA 900 video adapter only to find this out afterward, and were very disappointed. Had you been able to install a PCIe graphics card, say a cheap nVidia 8400GS 512 MB fanless card, it would have freed up some onboard memory and you would have noticed even more improvement. So, for a $25 investment in a P4 650 processor you could squeeze some more HP (no pun intended) out of it. Other than that, I would be looking to buy a new/used PC manufactured from 2008 on. They should all be Windows 7 capable since they would all have been Windows Vista capable back in 2008.----- ------------------------------------------------- It appears this is an Asus M/B and has the graphics slot unavailable.
  3. eddiebelfast

    [HELP] AR9285 Not working 10.6.8

    Try repair permissions in Disk utility. If that doesn't work try kext utility in Finder/applications/utilities.
  4. eddiebelfast

    Realtek 8139 kext?

    I run SL on an AMD/ECS combo with a Realtek NIC 8139 that ran OOB. ( the 8139 runs on every O/S that I have played with for the last 20 years ). Mind you I did a retail install. http://www.osx86.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=378
  5. Hi, I have an Acer Aspire 1804, P4 HT 3.2/2gig ram/ 128meg dedicated ATI video with 10.5.8. To me it's a perfect install, ( I have a Mac so know what it should behave like ) except for one little thing. The mini pci card isn't recognised so I tried the above mentioned Belkin, which works perfectly on the mac. It installs perfectly on the Acer and works great , however after a reboot it's gone. If I remove all traces of the install and then reinstall it works. After a reboot the Belkin software tells me," No device found ". I have run kext utilty but nothing works. I think this is a prob with the USB connection. I have just rebooted, the software showed no device, I removed the adapter and reinserted it and it worked. Any suggestions? Fixed. It requires the above, just remove it and wait 5 seconds and then reinsert. It then takes about 15 to 20 seconds to boot. I went into networks and locked it. Then ran repair permissions.
  6. eddiebelfast

    Updating iAtkos V7 (OS 10.5.7) to 10.5.8

    Oldish thread, but I have just updated as per this question. iATKOS V7 then downloaded 10.5.8 from Mac and installed . The only fix required was to run kext utility and then repair permissions.( Lan had stopped working ).
  7. I have in the past month installed and reinstalled about 50+ times.( just like a lot of others I would imagine). I found after updating I would get probs, I started typing, update.... and each time it worked. Nothing else, just the command .. update.
  8. At the Darwin screen where you type say, -s -x... try typing update.
  9. eddiebelfast

    iATKOS-S3-Ver 2 install

    Hi, I have had success installing L 10.5.2 + some updates on my P4 laptop. However, if I try higher than 10.5.4 the comp slows down and I lose the kybrd and Lan etc.. I then tried retail install of L10.5.? and SL10.6.?. Both fail showing, No DSDT found. I then came across iATKOS_S3_ver 2 Intel only with an option for 32 bit only. The Install went without a hitch but after removing the install disc it wouldn't go past the boot screen. I rebooted and pressed any key ( thats a hard key to find ) and after typing -v -x watched the verbose fly by. Again rebooted and counted the screens as they flashed by , total screens = 18. Again rebooted and at the start of screen 18 I pressed the "pause/break" key. Then alternating the pressing of the P/B key and the space bar I was able to see the following message.... No SMBIOS system information table 1 using SMBIOS UUID= ' 38373639 - 3465 - 3139 - 6539 000fb07f8e9a ' as system - id [WARNING] /Extra/DSDT . aml not found. using PCI-Root - UUID value 0 using system - type = 0x01 EFI_inject_get_devprop_null trying string starting Darwin x86 NB. I tried this install twice. Once without selecting any options, the other I selected what I thought applicable. As always , all tips/help etc will be gratefully received and appreciated, Eddie. ------------------------------- I have reinstalled and can get to, Still waiting for root device. AMD AM2 4200 x2 ECS: GeoForce 6100PM- Mk2 V2.0 NVIDIA GeForce 6150 SE/nForce 430 NVIDIA MCP61P single chip Nvidia 7300 gs 2 gig Ram 800 mhz NIC : Realtek 8139 Realtek ALC662 6 Seagate 80 gb 7200 rpm IDE Installation media: 10.6.2/ 10.6.8 Darwin/x86 boot v5.0.132 Chameleon v2.0 RC2 r -------------------- Intel.. Acer Aspire 1804, P4 3.2 ghz HT, ATI Radeon PCIe 128meg (dedicated) 40 gb Hitachi ide, 2 gig - 133 dual ram. Kalyway 10.5.5
  10. eddiebelfast

    Mini wireless card ..?

    Hi, the 4318 is this type...http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/54-Mbps-Broadcom-BCM4318-MiniPCI-802-11g-Wireless-card-/270738296252?pt=UK_Computing_LaptopAccessories_PCMCIACards&hash=item3f09428dbc I have been reading up on it and the Linux forums mention it a lot. Apparently it needs a firmware update. I cannot find any info on the Broadcom site re- Firmware.
  11. eddiebelfast

    Mini wireless card ..?

    Hi, I have an Acer Aspire 1804 laptop which has an Iprocomm IPN 2220 wireless card. I have checked into it and it appears to be a Broadcom MXF-M920808G chip. These cards have a variety of drivers depending upon which version of Windows is being used and under Linux need Ndiswrapper to make them work. In mac it shows up as an iprocomm . To avoid any probs with my Hackintosh I checked around and found that a BMC 4318 works very well and found one advertised on Ebay under the heading of Acer. When I installed it in my Hack it recognised it as an Aircard ?, I noticed the "on" button which has a bright red light wasn't lit. I then tried it in a Windows laptop and whilst Windows recognised it , even loaded the correct driver it had no power. I was wondering if Acer might have whitelisted it and ifso how do I unwhite list it? I would appreciate any tips or advice, cheers, Eddie.
  12. eddiebelfast

    No DSDT found..?

    Hi, First time poster to this forum.. I have two comps with hackintosh installed. One is an AMD/ECS combo with SL 10.6.8 ( retail ) which is close to perfect.( I have a G4 mac so I do have something to compare it too ). The other is an Intel Acer Aspire 1804 P4 HT laptop with L 10.5.5 ( Cham + 10.5.2 ) again is near to perfect. Both installs were very easy. The laptop was successfully updated from 10.5.2 to 10.5.5 , however when I tried the 10.5.6 I lost the Kybrd so I decided I would try a retail install. And this is where my question arises. Utilising the " OsX86 mod cd and inserting a retail disc" ( both L 10.5.? and SL 10.6.? ) I get the message.... ACPI table not found:DSDT.aml no DSDT found, using 0 as uid value.. using PCI-root - uid value:0 read HFS + file:[rd (0,1)/extra/smbios plist] 420 bytes... I have been reading several forums and as yet cannot find a solution .. I don't mind using the 10.5.5 on the laptop which in my opinion whilst the AMD is slightly faster the Acer seems smoother and definitely nicer to look at , screen wise. But I would like to try SL 10.6.? even though it would be in 32 bit. Any tips/help would be greatly appreciated. regards, Eddie.
  13. eddiebelfast

    AMD+ mac hard drive utilisation?

    Hi, Newbie to this site, so Hello to everybody. I own an old Mac G4 MDD, 1.25 mono. Running Leopard 10.5. The trouble is its a bit slow, I would like it to be as fast as my AMD dual. Which prompted me to look into Hackintosh. I have a spare ide hard drive with Leopard 10.5 loaded and would like to ask if it is possible to use it with some sort of boot loader on my AMD machine. My AMD specs: AMD Athlon x2 245, GA-M61SME-S2L (rev. 2.0)NVIDIA® GeForce 6100 / nForce 405 chipset , 4 gig of Kingston pc6400 ram, WD 2500 Sata. on board video. The Ide drive would allow me to use the Bios as a boot manager, so I wouldn't be looking for a dual boot device. Any help would be greatly appreciated. cheers, eddie