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Hardware - specification for lion and higher (mountain lion, ....)


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Hi guys! I'm a new member. I very would to have, work and know macOSX system. I will buy a new computer and want to know that macosx system will work.


My list:

CPU: Intel Pentium Dual-Core G840


MOBO: ASRock H61M-GE chipset Intel H61

RAM: Good Ram DDR3 4GB CL9

PSU: Chieftec GPA-500S8 500W

CASE: SilentiumPC Brutus 410 Pure Black ( BT-410 )

DVD Drive: Asus DRW-24B3ST /BLK/G/AS




If I made ​​any mistakes, I'm sorry. I still learn english. ;)


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You need to find a different processor. The GPU is in the CPU. The G840 brings the Intel HD 2000 which does not have support on the Mac. Intel HD 3000 does but I don't know which CPU's support that. You need to do more research.

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I will use GPU with motherboard about chipset Intel GMA HD ( I don't know about integrated graphics ). Do it make a diffrence? This is the best CPU in his price and I pity him. Later I intend buy hd5770. Should I look for intel i3 ?

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The motherboard Intel GMA HD doesn't have a GPU. The GPU comes from the processor or an add-on card. The motherboard according to the specs "Supports Intel® HD Graphics 2000/3000;". No where does it say that it has integral graphics. It is the processor that supplies the HD Graphics processor and the processor you have chosen supplies HD2000. You will be very disappointed when you buy the hardware and find this out.

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You can do what you want. As I have said before, the processor you specified will only provide Intel HD 2000 which is not support by Mac OS X. There are a couple of Core i3 processors that provide Intel HD 3000 which is supported by Lion. The i3 processor is more expensive. Or you can buy an add-on graphics card. It is your choice.

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